NSW police strip searched 96 children in past year, some as young as 11

[Michael McGowan, The Guardian]

Karly Warner, the chief executive of the NSW Aboriginal Legal Service, told Guardian Australia the organisation was “incredibly disturbed” that police have “continued their strip searching of children”.

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Australia's Indigenous culture has always had a place for dogs

[Sonia Smallacombe, The Guardian]

Dogs are more visible in our communities, whereas in towns and cities they are behind fences and locked inside houses, which can lead to a skewed impression of how many dogs there are.

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Real-world creative design opportunities attract youth of Cairns

[by Carli Willis]

Year 12 IndigeDesign Labs participants Janice Ghee and Kayden Bosun assisted in the creation of the ‘Deadly Digits’ brand-mark design, guided by Leigh Harris, long standing Creative Director of Indigenous digital design agency, ingeous studios.

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Return of Mutual Obligations payments suspended in less than 30 days

[by Lucy Cowcher-Guthrie]

Having a payment suspended is an incredibly stressful thing for someone to go through, particularly if you are living below the poverty line for a long period of time, not to mention in the midst of a pandemic and recession.

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