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Hi !

If you've been following me on Instagram, you've probably seen me posting pictures of my latest travels. My latest stop was Houston and San Antonio, Texas, where I got to spend time with family. I actually left the hubby and the kid home since it was a last-minute trip to hang out with my mom and my brothers, and I had a blast.

I ate too much, laughed too much (especially at the top of the Tower of the Americas when my hair kinda coiled on top of my head because of the crazy wind!), and took many pictures that will probably just end up in my phone—but I am determined to get them printed and put into albums. 

It was just what I needed to return to my writing life with a renewed sense of purpose. I do so love writing and sharing my stories with you, my readers, and after suffering through burnout this year (hence the lack of books), I'm more careful now with where to focus my energies (and with whom) and recognize when I need to step back and take care of myself. 

Speaking of books, Sarah and Benny's story isn't scheduled to be released for another two weeks or so, but you can read the first nine chapters of Other Side of Love by clicking the link below!

If you've recently finished Everything She Ever Wanted, it's a great time to revisit the Drexel family! If it's been a while, well, you're overdue for a visit! I know I am!

And yes, you're looking at the FINAL version of the cover! 

***You'll be asked to provide your email to confirm the download but you won't be added to any list (since you're on it already!). 


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Are you in my Facebook Reader Group? It's called the Library Cafe (after the coffee shop in Loving Ashe, one of my first books) and I love popping in there to share little bits about my books and a few not-so-deep thoughts. I'd love to see you there!

I hope you have a wonderful and safe trick or treat weekend! Don't hold back on the candy!

All the best,


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