Dear Friends:

Live blood analysis is a process that allows you to "See" your blood cells through a powerful microscope. With this equipment, you can watch your blood cells at work and take images and videos. I have a client who has been doing this work for over 25 years. I asked him how the covid19 vaccine effects the blood. He sent me pictures that he recently has taken of healthy blood and blood after being exposed to the covid19 vaccine. The healthy blood cells have a negative charge and repel one another. In this separation they can absorb nutrients and eliminate toxins efficiently. Blood cells compromised by the covid vaccination are clumped together, lack energetic vitality and have the spiked signature of degeneration.

Whether or not you have had the covid19 vaccination, remember to TRUST your body.  It will heal from anything.  The life span of a blood cell is 90 to 110 days.  Do research on how to support your immune system.  For starters, take time out of your busy week to do frequent foot and arm baths.  Neutralizing the positive charge on toxins and chemicals will assist your body to eliminate them.  Use the micro-current device independently on all parts of your body to eliminate pathogens.  You can download the manual for more information.

OXYGEN is so very important for the immune system.  Wim Hof has the best method in the world for strengthening the immune system and it really works.  You will love this simple cartoon and explanation.  Here is the link.

Researching anti-fungal disciplines can be very helpful as well.

Hugs and more hugs,