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Merry Christmas everyone! We hope Santa visit was a good one for you. This month with BNOW.org we have some exciting things to share!

Up first, we have a video for you on "Value Proposition: Questions To Ask Yourself " and the questions you want to answer if you wan clarity on your brand value. Click here to watch the video.

Brandnow.asia is hiring! We are currently looking for an Accounting Admin. If you are interested, email us at brandnow@brandnow.asia.

Next, we are continuing our support for our furry friends over at Furgetmenot with their initiative of assisting street dogs here in Bangkok. See how you can help here: https://www.facebook.com/furgetmenotthailand/

Finally, Recyclenow.asia has its last live show of the year. As an extra special Christmas gift, we have a review of the year with Recyclenow Live. Be sure to check our Facebook page to be kept up to date. 

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Value Proposition: Questions To Ask Yourself By Brandnow.asia

Your value proposition is one of the most important elements of overall your marketing messaging and it informs your prospective clients why should they do business with you rather than your competition. Having a clear and effective value proposition is key and we have provided some questions you should ask yourself in order to improve your value proposition. 

Looking for a Accounting Admin!

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RecycleNow.Asia Live: The Last Episode of 2018 25-Dec-18

This week, we have an extra gift for you on Christmas day. We are wrapping up the year with a look back on all the amazing projects we covered on the show and talking a bit about our adventures with Recyclenow. Join us for the last episode of the year!

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Furget-me-not Thailand

When Furget-Me-Not Sanctuary Founder Soot Liang Woo moved to Thailand 14 years ago, she was deeply moved by the incredible number of soi dogs (Thai street dogs) around. Unable to simply ignore this issue, Soot began to catch dogs one-by-one, arranging and self-funding spaying and neutering operations.

Soi Dog Foundation covers Spay surgery costs of dogs only (not cats). Soot personally funds medications, detick, TVT, cages, dog transport, and boarding. 2017 donations covered 1/4 of the sanctuary running costs with all other costs borne by Soot personally.   

If interested, please email furgetmenot.th@gmail.com with house photos and a brief description of experience with dogs.

See more here: https://www.facebook.com/furgetmenotthailand/

LinkedIn: How to Future-Proof Your Organization in the Digital Age

If you’re a business leader, it’s hard not to be taken in by the urgency of digital transformation. “Evolve or die.” “Hottest topic.” “Essential for business growth.” “Don’t get left behind.” These are just some of the blaring headlines encouraging leaders to run, not walk, headlong into digital transformation. But while digital transformation is a high priority for many companies – and it holds the promise of meeting disruption head-on, improved customer experience, and a better selection of talent in a tough market – it’s not something to be done without a clear vision and strategy.

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