We've got a few rappers that are growing steadily, and some who break through overnight. In this newsletter, we've got some of both. Can you imagine going from unknown to famous overnight? Weird feeling. Bas (in picture above) has been at it for yeeeears while some blow up instantly. Can't say that one way is better than the other. Anyhow...

Let's go!



Signed to Dreamville — J Cole's record label. J Cole produces a lot for his partners, and producing for Bas is no exception. Bas has great bars, flow and the production to carry it. His latest Pinball II (feat. Correy C) is next level. But don't miss out on his great previous tracks such as Methylone, Night Job (feat. J. Cole) and Dopamin (feat. Cuzz)

Bas is also going on world tour. Don't know how much of a performer he is but I might check it out.

Listen to Pinball II.

Video: Bas - Pinball II featuring Correy C (Lyric video)

Yung Gravy


This guy has his bio saying he has a modern version voice that is similar to Frank Sinatra. You could claim just anything as PR material and this is go-to. Don't know if it's a genius move or not. Anyhow, great feel-good production and catchy lyrics. 

Listen to Knockout.

Post Malone


One of the biggest stars of today, Post, released his album a week ago. The overall impression wasn't great, but bits and pieces made sense and showed the talent Post has. Let's see how he'll progress from this.

Sweet production by London on da Track.

Listen to 92 Explorer.



One of Franklins favourites, Future, links up with OVO's star PARTYNEXTDOOR with this toned down track. I have a lot of respect for Future for all the work he has put in (the year where he released like 4 epic, classic projects will be remembered forever). Also, PARTYNEXTDOOR seems like one of the most talented R&B artists out there: writing hits for Rihanna, Drake and more and just keeps delivering. 

Listen to No Shame.

J. Cole


I can't say J. Cole is one of Franklins favourites anymore, but he's really spitting bars and speaking of things that seems important to him, rather than rapping about what he believes people want to hear. That's very brave in the business and there's a lot of respect in that. The album is coherent and nice, with the great twist at the end when he just annihilates the young rappers that promote extreme drug abuse and face tattoos and shit. Keep doing you, Cole. 

Listen to one of the tracks of the album, The Cut Off.

Spark Master Tape


I remember when Spark released his super hit mixtape The Swoup Serengeti almost 5 years ago. The sound was completely different and ridiculously nice to hear someone playing with the genre — and successfully so. He got a travel ban so his tour with P got cancelled unfortunately. But he kept his spirits high and kept working and released a great mixtape recently. The production is insane.

Listen to Dalma$$hon.

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