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Trip to San Francisco!

This month I headed down to the tech hub of the world... Silicon Valley. I was blown away by the amount of innovation going on in just one city, it was crazy! While there I got to have some really cool conversations with people from Google XUber and OFF RCRD. Big thanks to LoganZenJohn and Cory for taking the time to meet with me, really appreciate it!

DNA Origami Series

I've also been researching and creating in the field of DNA origami. It's the nanoscale folding of DNA to create 2D and 3D objects at the nanoscale. I wrote an intro article talking about the what, why and how. And a 2nd article which discusses a 3D DNA Icosahedron I built.

Dive into Metabolomics

After researching into DNA Origami, I decided to take a deep dive into a new and upcoming field called metabolomics. It's the study of the metabolites inside a living organism. I've done a couple of courses and read some papers. Look forward to a series coming out soon!

Also made a DNA Origami video, check it out here :)

Genis Update.

An update on Genis, a nanotech startup I started with a few colleagues of mine. We have recently entered Pioneer, a month long tournament in which the top 25 teams receive a $1,000 investment, a round-trip ticket to San Francisco and access to top tier mentors. Currently, we are 10th out of 300+ teams worldwide! 

2018 Reflection & 2019 Planning!

This past year has been a really big turning point in my life. I've had a huge mindset change and am a completely different person than I was the year before. Not only in terms of mindset, I have also gained a ton of knowledge and had some really unique experiences! Overall, I want to give a really big thanks to Navid, Nadeem, and my TKS family, you've really helped me grow and I am truly appreciative of this! For next year, I'll be focusing more around understanding myself and gaining a sense of wisdom by learning from some of the smartest philosophers in our history. Hope you liked my newsletter, until next time. Hasta la vista and happy new year!

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