Hey there, it's Evan. 

You might be asking yourself,  "What can I do about climate change? "

For me, not knowing the answer to that question was a huge source of anxiety. 

But in late 2018, my best friend handed me his copy of the book Drawdown β€” and just like that, I was introduced to the world of climate solutions. For the first time in a long time, I found myself feeling hopeful that we can solve the climate crisis.

I read all of Drawdown within a day, but before I could even finish, I was already asking myself the next question:  "What organizations are working on these solutions β€” and who's hiring?" 

That's what led me to start Climate.Careers.

And that's why I was THRILLED to host a live conversation last week with Project Drawdown's executive director, Dr. Jonathan Foley, where he presented the Drawdown 2020 Review, the first major update to their 2017 New York Times bestseller. 

We also covered subjects ranging from Trump and COVID, to carbon capture technology and nuclear energy.  It was fun! 

Thank you SO much to the nearly 400 people who joined β€” especially to those of you who participated in the Q&A.

If you missed it, you can watch the recording here!

Did you enjoy the event?  Support our work :)

Yes, we will be hosting more climate conversations, and I am actively seeking great guests!  So, if you know any climate movers-and-shakers (or if you are one) let us know!

In the meantime, here's some product updates from our team, and some awesome opportunities to work in climate . . . 

Hundreds of new climate jobs

Scroll down to see some Featured Jobs, like this Software Engineering role at Cooler, and this Executive Assistant role at Grounded

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        Cooler, Inc

        Cooler uses cutting edge technology to calculate the carbon footprint of any service or product. 

        Their team is looking to hire a Founding/Lead Engineer and a Environmental Input-Output Researcher to work REMOTELY or San Francisco, CA. 
        Apply here.


        The Grounded Summit convenes the world’s foremost climate change experts to accelerate climate solutions. 

        The Grounded team is looking to hire a part-time Executive Assistant to work REMOTELY or in the Bay Area, CA. 
        Apply here. 

        Data Science & Engineering

        Jobs at: Regen Network, SINAI

        New York

        Jobs at: Sidewalk Labs, C16 Biosciences, Sealed

        Remote Jobs

        Jobs at: Cooler, Salient Predictions, Our Climate

        Capital Investment

        at Elemental Excelerator, LACAI, Prime Coalition 

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        Executive Assistant β€“ Grounded
        Remote (or Sonoma, CA)

        Founding/Lead Engineer – Cooler
        Remote (or San Francisco, CA)

        Environmental Input-Output Researcher β€“ Cooler
        Remote (or San Francisco, CA)

        Business Development Lead – Salient Predictions
        Remote (or Boston, MA)

        Machine Learning Engineer – Salient Predictions
        Remote (or Boston, MA)

        Executive Director – Our Climate

        Senior Communications Associate  β€“ Carbon180
        Oakland, CA (or New York or D.C.)

        Senior Software Engineer – Regen Network 

        Program Director, Energy  β€“ LACI
        Los Angeles, CA 

        Senior Fullstack Software Engineer – SINAI
        San Francisco, CA

        Principle Remote Sensing Scientist/Engineer – WattTime
        Remote (Oakland, CA)

        Treasury Analyst – Pattern Energy
        San Francisco, CA


        Senior Acquisition Marketing Manager – EnergyHub
        Brooklyn, NY 

        Software Engineer   – EnergyHub
        Brooklyn, NY

        Scientist (Strain Engineering) β€“  C16 Biosciences
        New York, NY 

        Clean Water Advocate  – The Public Interest Network
        Washington, D.C.


        Director of Client Engagement β€“ Solstice
        Chicago, IL

        Senior Accountant – Pivot Bio
        Ames, IA (or remote)

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