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Daily Happiness Journal
April 18th 2020

I hope this little email will uplift and encourage you to see the good things all around you. 

In this email:

  • Food for thought: Are you comparing yourself to others?
  • Picture of the day: Happiness journal with a forest stream
  • Daily Funny: Baby Bee
  • Daily Happiness: Christmas Chocolate!
  • Daily Quote from Lindsey Sterling
    Thought for the day

    Are you comparing yourself to others?

    I heard a story once of young mothers who started talking about when their children learned to walk. They were almost bragging about how young their child had been. And those whose children still couldn't walk felt... well, you can guess. Then one of the mothers said: "Honestly, who cares when they learn to walk. I bet that when they are three years old, they all walk, talk and probably outshine you when it comes to using your phones and iPads. They all develop at their own pace!"

    I love that little story. It reminds me that when I am learning to do something, it is no point in comparing myself to others. They may have mastered the skill I am learning a long time ago. Or they may be way behind me. The only thing that matters to me is where I am compared to myself. Am I learning the new skill? Am I happy in the process?

    If I would compare my novels for example to the world famous authors, I'd never write a word...

    How about you? Have you compared yourself to someone who is a lot better in something, and become discouraged as a result? Did you manage to get past that stage and admire their achievement, and maybe try to learn from them? 

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    Picture of the day
    Describe a beautiful location in your Happiness Journal
    Happiness Journal / Forest stream

    When I took this photo it was a warm summer day. The light was seeping through the foliage and the little stream was babbling amidst the old trees. We have a saying that when a place is really serene, it makes your soul rest. This place certainly did. Trying to write that into words is a good exercise in concentrating on a beautiful site. Try it!

    Happiness Journal with a forest stream
    Daily Funny
    Baby Bee

    I heard this funny story from a coworker. She had just given birth to a baby. The father did not make it to the delivery. When he ran into the hospital, the mother and baby were already resting in their room.

    He looked into the cot and was quiet for a while.

    "The baby looks just like a bee!" he then said.

    The door opened and a nurse walked in. She gave the baby to the mother, looked at the the father and cheerfully announced: "I can tell you are the proud father - the child looks just like you!"

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    (I especially love the funny things children say!). 

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    Today's Happiness
    Christmas Chocolate!

    We always get chocolate for Christmas as present. Usually so much that I carry some of it to my work colleagues (they are most helpful in getting rid of excess chocolate). 

    Well, this little Santa lollipop was still in the cupboard. It is past Easter now, no chocolate Easter eggs left anymore. It sure tasted good even if wasn't the right season!

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    Daily Quote

    “Maybe my best isn't as good as someone else's, but for a lot of people, my best is enough. Most importantly, for me it's enough.” 
    - Lindsey Sterling / The Only Pirate at the Party

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