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"Weight loss is 10% physical and 90% mental & emotional" Drew Manning

There has never been a better time to press the reset button on your relationship with food.

This is for you if you want to:

  • Dissolve cravings for savoury snacks or sugary treats
  • Feel lighter and energised in mind and body
  • Lose weight and keep it off in a natural, effortless way
  • Get off the dieting treadmill 
  • Neutralise the cause of your weight gain 


Every Tuesday 19:30 - 20:30 BST


Greetings Beautiful
Lockdown has been tough for us all. It has intensified things and put them under the microscope. At times eating something yummy has been a way of coping. Forgetting the fear, uncertainty, the loneliness, numbing the pain of money or health worries; eating has seen us through and made it bearable in the moment. But at some point, we need to take back our power and find another way.

That is what 'Lighten Up' is all about.

Gaining new resources and revealing the confident, capable, amazing person hidden beneath the difficulties of life.

I invite you to join me and experience a new approach to neutralise your food cravings, one that doesn't involve will power!

I am on a mission to help anyone who wants a new relationship with food and eating!  The “normal approach” of diet and exercise failure rates of 95% are the norm. EFT or ‘tapping’ has shown significant and long lasting  benefits in clinical trials. This simple process can change the brains response; it's totally backed by science and takes minutes to do. I will show you how.

Let's just take this one food at a time. You will need to bring your food to the session, it could be a bar of your favourite chocolate, crisps, bread or biscuits anything at all. 

I will show you the techniques and we will work together, so get ready to be surprised. I’m sure we’ll get some great results.


"Amazing that Tapping can make me not want to eat chocolate. I wanted it then after Tapping I didn't want it at all."

S Mansfield, Cambridge, UK 


"At the start of the Tapping I wasn't sure it was going to work. However, slowly I wanted the chocolate less and less until I could quite easily leave it. "

Courtney Poloczek, Herts, UK

Take the first step

Your chance to begin your weight loss journey 

Work one-to-one
Free Discovery Session

Fast track your success towards your weight loss goals.  An opportunity for us to chat.  We can explore the options that will best suit you and schedule your first appointment. Visit my website for details. or give me a call - 07967153799

Group session
'Lighten Up' Tuesday sessions

The sessions are held on zoom, simply by Tapping along you will recieve what we call 'borrowed benefits' so as we tap together everyone will make progress. Don't forget to bring your favourite snack with you.

If you prefer to leave your camera off that's perfectly fine too.

FREE Discovery Session BOOK here
'Lighten Up' FREE Group session

It's time to invest in your future happiness!

Learn this simple tool and see for yourself.

Join me and feel the difference. 

If you know any one who may benefit from joining us please forward this email. 

Small steps make big things happen


Heading for Happy

United Kingdom


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