Updates : NiFi CookBook with HandsOn Available

Updates : NiFi CookBook with Hands On Exercises

With continuous effort by technical team we are able to launch a new book "NiFi Cookbook : With HandsOn Exercises" Which contains fundamental concepts of Apache NiFi as well as HandsOn Exercises. 

NiFi recently become very popular to solve BigData, IOT (Internet of Things) , IOAT (Internet of Anything’s) etc. Having an exclusive skill will certainly give you an extra edge with already lack of BigData resources. To help you HadoopExam.com brings full length Hands on training as well as to understand fundamental concepts of NiFi using a first edition of cookbook. We provide many Hands On session for creating simple to complex workflow/dataflow to process the data. As this is a continuously growing and fast paced technology. This technology not only helps in working BigData but also, wherever you need complex and simple DataFlow engine you can use this. NiFi can be integrated with existing technology e.g. Spark, HBase, Cassandra, RDBMS, HDFS and can even be customized as per your requirement. So start learning NiFi with HadoopExam.com premium training by getting subscription as below.

This book will be part of our Annual Package, and who already have subscription of that will get access to the book.

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CCA175 : Updates

Recently we have updated AWS Solution Architech : Associate Certification simulator as per the Feb 2018 updated syllabus and 31 new scenario based questions have been added.

Visit : AWS SA Solution Architect Web Page

MapR Spark (MCSD) : MapR is one of the popular vendor for BigData solutions and they have entire ecosystem created for various BigData engineering, Machine Learning, IOT and Data Science problems. Yes, they have leveraged all the available open source products and optimized those products for efficiency and make it more user friendly. However, to prove that you have good knowledge of MapR products, you need to certify yourself in those particular products. We have been continuously receiving request from our huge loyal learners that they wish to go for MapR Spark certification as well. Many of them already certified different products using HadoopExam focused certification preparation material. Our dedicated technical team had done lot of research and feedback from existing learner as well as who appeared in real exam, we have created a bundle of 220+ MapR Spark Scala Certification material. Main challenge of Spark  certification is the version and complex programming questions with sample data, which version are you using to prepare the exam. 

PDF: Download Spark Certification Preparation Guide
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