Last week, I sent you a link to grab a copy of my fantasy short stories titled, Quick Escape: Fantasy Tales. Please let me know if you had any trouble getting them. (Simply reply to this email.) Also, if you read them, I'd love to know your thoughts.

If you also enjoy Science Fiction / Mystery novels, I have Love, Lies & Clones available today and tomorrow for FREE on Amazon HERE. As a subscriber to my monthly newsletter, I didn't want you to miss out on obtaining a copy.

Also, if you don't read on Kindle and need it in EPUB or PDF format, reply to this email and let me know. I'd be happy to send you a super secret link to get it in a different format. (This also applies if you opened this email too late.)

Since you're new to this newsletter, I wanted to explain who I am and what I have to offer. Mostly, I'm a pharmacist...and a mother...but I do enjoy dabbling in writing.

I write speculative fiction and keep that category broad because my tastes change. Love, Lies & Clones is a sci-fi mystery, my other published novel, Blood & Holy Water, is a fantasy/mystery (even a little clean romance.) I have another book coming out this fall, titled The Secret Lives of Superhero Wives, that's kinda s superhero book. My tastes change, but the stories are always rooted in speculative fiction.

I'd love to get to know you better, feel free to reply to this email and let me know your favoirte author, book genre, or place to read. I love talking books, so I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

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(P.S. Here's that link again. Love, Lies & Clones will only be free today and tomorrow.)

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