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03 May 2019
Private sale with 25% discount now!

Selling is fun when you are one hundred percent convinced of the product yourself.

David Holenstein, Distribution

Private sale -
book a personal chat

Private sale has got off to a successful start. CROWDLITOKEN is pleased that numerous investors have already signed a sales agreement and invested in a minimum of 5,000 tokens. Everyone can benefit from the 25% discount of this first sales phase. Those who still want to invest now have to act quickly – you can contact or directly book a call with our distribution team here. As soon as the first 10 million tokens have been sold, the private sale closes.

Preparation for pre public sale
at full speed

The second sales phase is the pre public sale, which is being prepared behind the scenes at full speed. From this phase on, the entire onboarding process will be handled via the website Paul Odermatt, who is responsible for the technology within the executive management team, is currently working with the blockchain experts from DecentAge and other external partners on the final details of the code. The complex process of onboarding should be as simple as possible, in order for the interested customer to become a satisfied investor. From the pre public sale onwards, where another 20 million tokens are sold, investments starting at 100 francs are possible for the first time.

Wine & Networking
for investors in Eastern Switzerland

If you want to get to know the brand-new digital financial investment product CROWDLITOKEN better and if you live in Eastern Switzerland, we offer two interesting events in May. Our team - Lidia Bolla, Domenic Kurt, Roger Bigger and David Holenstein - welcomes you to "Wine & Networking" on 7 and 15 May in the Wyburg Herisau. Information and registration here.

Stay tuned about CROWDLITOKEN on our website or join our Telegram Community.

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