July 2, 2019


The Power Of Freedom
Stephen Heleman

The Journey To Freedom

We reach the point in Moses's story where God's people are finally freed by Pharaoh, but their journey to freedom is just beginning. Read Exodus 13:17-22 here and Exodus 14 here.

In Chapter 13, we see that the Israelite's path to freedom was not a direct, easy route, but it was the route that God deemed best so they would not return to their past. Chapter 14 gives us some take-away points that we can easily apply to our lives. 

In verses 10-12 the people of Israel are fearful and looking for someone to blame for their situation. But, in verses 13 and 14 Moses tells them three things:
1) "Fear not" - Remember God is in control.
2) "Stand firm" - Just do what God has told you to do.
3) "See salvation" - Let God do what He promised.

In verse 15 it almost seems that God is put out by the Israelites' fear and doubt. Again, in verse 16 he gives them very simple and direct instructions:
1) "Move" - Do what you know God wants you to do.
2) "Stetch out your hand" - Keep your eyes on God and surrender to Him. 
By following God's instructions, the Isreailites made it to freedom and give us a great example of how to live free.

Live Free

Often, we think that living free means following our hearts, but this can lead to some big mistakes. The good news is there is no one who knows you better, has a better plan, or is more capable of leading you to freedom than our creator. We find freedom not when we follow our hearts; we find freedom when we follow our creator. When we follow our creator, we become who we were meant to be. 

Freedom is living the life that God created you for. To do that, I want you to ask yourself these questions:

  • WHO does God want me to BE? - In this moment, how can I be more like Jesus?
  • WHAT does God want me to DO? - What does He want me to do with what he has given me?
  • WHERE does God want me to GO? - Where is He sending me so people can know Him?

Once you discover who God made you to be and His freedom, you will never want to return. When we stop following our hearts and start following our creator, He changes our hearts.


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