I've been sick the past two weeks which made me think it would be a great time to revisit the topic of rest. When do you take an extra rest day and when do you push through?

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October 7, 2018 Newsletter

Rest, Rest, Rest!

I’ve been sick over the past two weeks. At first I had a cold, then I injured my back followed by finding out I had a severe sinus infection. As an active busy mom very little sidelines me but by Monday I was stuck on the couch. This got me thinking. Cold and flu season will be here before we know it. It's a good time to revisit the topic of rest. I think it’s important to talk about rest and when to take an extra rest day or two. I believe that we run to add value to our lives. That means running and working out should be enjoyable and give us as much as we put into it. So let’s talk about rest! 

We are trained to think more is better but when it comes to exercise this isn’t always the case. Exercise, when you break it down is stress and rest. You need the rest to repair your muscles and continue to see gains. This means that rest is a part of training not an afterthought. Rest is necessary, and something that should be in your training plan. When is it a good idea to take a rest day?

- If you’re exhausted. If you have no energy to give to your workout you have to ask yourself ‘will this workout/run serve me & my goals?’ If it won't another activity like a nap might be a wiser idea.

- If you’re sick. Generally if you’re sick below the neck you shouldn’t run. If you’re sick above the neck it depends on how you feel and if running/working out will make you feel better or worse. If exercise is going to make you feel worse don’t do it! There will always be another day to workout.

- If you’re injured. I recommend at the first sign of injury to seek medical attention. Having a good physiotherapist on call can help you recover and keep you running. When you are injured the amount/type of exercise you should be doing should be coming from a medical professional. Don't run through an injury, you could make it worse.  

- If your schedule is bananas. Life happens. We run to add joy to our lives. If it’s a crazy busy week you need to decide if a run/workout or rest will serve you better. If this workout won't serve you and will only run down further it's a good idea to rest.

What else would you add this this list? What makes you decide to add in an extra rest day? You obviously have more flexibility when you aren't training for a race. However that doesn't mean you can't have an extra rest day while you are training for a race. Have you ever got to the taper portion of your training and gotten sick? If you feel the exhaustion and fatigue coming on during your training you should really consider if you need to add in extra rest to help get you to race day healthy and strong.

A training plan isn't set in stone. A training plan should be fluid and flexible. In fact my athletes only get their training program a week at a time so I can adapt their training plan in real time. Knowing your body and listening to how your body is doing and adapting can help you train smarter. I know there's a lot of guilt around rest days but if it keeps you running and working out injury and exhaustion free isn't it worth it?


Ask Stephanieruns Fitness

This week I’m trying something different in this column. I’m going to answer one of your questions from twitter.

This week This Guy @SeanycahillSPRT asked ‘How much rest do you recommend after a marathon? I think rest is relative.’

This is a great question and yes rest is relative. It comes down to how your body adapts. The general recommendation for rest after a marathon is anywhere from 7-28 days. Everyone will need different amounts and type of rest. The first step to recovery after a marathon is complete rest. How long you need complete rest for depends. How active are you? How's your body dealing with the stress you put it through? After complete rest you can add in some active recovery followed by cross training and running. Here's some key points to remember:

- Listen to your body. You've just put your body under extreme stress.

- Focus on rest and passive recovery first. Sit with your legs up, use compression gear, foam roll, ect.

- When your body is feeling better try going for a walk. Again listen to your body and don't push it.

- When you're ready move into active recovery. Depending on how you adapt you could spend a week or two on active recovery. Have fun with it. Try a yoga class with a friend or go for a walk in the woods.

- When you add back cross training and some easy runs remember to listen to your body.

Keeping a log of how you and your body feels after a marathon can be a great way to track your recovery. Remember listen to your body. There is no right or wrong only what's right for you.

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