Vegas Baby! 

I say that and laugh. I'm one of the worst Vegas people because I'm only here for the writing conference and to chat with my writing peeps.

The 20Books conference is always good to refill my well.

The desert, however, hasn't been good to me. I caught a cold back in the first week of October and couldn't shake it. Two sets of meds later, we came here and the dry, dusty air pretty much seized my lungs up for the past five days. Breathing is highly underrated.

Today seems to be better, so fingers crossed that I can breathe during my presentation.

Release Date Changed

My apologies...

Being so sick for the past eight weeks, I fell behind on Clash with the Magi Council. Amazon allowed me to push back the release by a few weeks, so the new release date is December 26th.

I'm super excited for you all to continue the adventure with Jesse and her guys and I apologize for making you wait. I promise, it'll be worth it.

And hey... if you haven't already read the first books in the series, you have a few extra weeks to get caught up.

Death of a Magi Knight - Free origin story novella
Captured by the Magi - Book 1
Clash of the Council - Book 4

A bit of shifter luurve....

Steamy Shifter Romance

A shadow. A shifter. A curse.

When a reaper attack thrusts Dannika into the shadow shifter world and her transition results in her imprisonment, she turns to Raine, the sexy shadow who saved her.

As her attraction to Raine mounts, and dissension in the shadow shifter clan increases, she learns that being the only woman to survive the transition isn’t her only secret. Her new abilities come with a price, and if she doesn’t curb her killer instincts, she will end up as loathsome as the creature who attacked her.

Download now on Amazon!

The Enigma Of The Wolf Series

Justin is a werewolf who has it all.

Carly is a young woman dedicated to the life-path she's made for herself.

Their growing love is matched only by the fiery passion that consumes them with an insatiable hunger for each other, burning down everything they've ever known, and lighting a tempestuous future they cannot imagine.

If they stay together it will cost them more than their lives, but nothing can keep them apart, except the whole werewolf world. Secrets and skin are continuously uncovered as the stakes grow ever more dangerous, and the ecstasy endlessly hotter!

Midnight Wolf Curse Book 1

Only royal fae blood can lift the King's curse on the alpha bloodline. And one fae is about to pay that price…

When Fae Princess Athroxane loses her father in a brutal battle, a blood curse makes her the biggest target of the wolf shifters…dead or alive.

Her only hope is a risky bet to bargain for her life: if she can win the duel against the Alpha, she’ll be set free. Except, she loses the battle, binding her to a promise to help lift the curse.

Problem is, the Fae Counsel forbids their kind from associating with wolf shifters, which means Athroxane is forced to choose whose trust she will betray: that of her people, or that of a wolf clan whose Alpha has already proven capable of ending her life.

JL Madore

Whitby, Ontario