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The Compounding Power Of Consistency

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This week I'm sharing about the compounding power of consistency. We get better simply by doing things repeatedly. Practice might not make perfect, but it does make us better. 

The Power Of Tiny Gains Chart

One of my favorite graphics from James Clear's Atomic Habits. If you work on getting 1% better each day for a year, you'll end up 37% better by the end of it.

If you're ever discouraged about the progress you're making, remember that professionals are just amateurs who kept on trying. 

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Interesting Reads

Continuous Improvement: How It Works and How to Master It
It's easy to dismiss the value of making slightly better decisions on a daily basis. But hey, it works. James Clear shares actionable tips on how we can get better daily. 
1) Do more of what already works
2) Avoid tiny losses
3) Measure backward, not forward.

How to Be Great? Just Be Good, Repeatably
Greatness doesn't come instantly. It is earned. "...there is no such thing as greatness at a specific instance in time. Greatness is instead a reflection of a period of effort, since greatness in a single instance can be reduced to luck."

Ambitious People Accomplishing Things Fast
Patrick Collison shares examples of projects that have moved quickly. Some people don't just dream big. They build fast. Examples:
Walt Disney's conception of "The Happiest Place on Earth" was brought to life in 366 days" 
"The New York Subway. The first contract was awarded on February 21 1900. 28 stations opened and general operation commenced on October 27 1904, 4.7 years later. In April 2000, the MTA decided to build the Second Avenue Subway. The first phase, with 3 stations, opened on January 1 2017. " Look at the crazy speed difference.

Adjacent Skills
Adjacent skills are closely related to the ones you already have. You already have the foundational blocks from your current skills, so you aren't starting from scratch. How do you choose a skill to pick up? Click into the article to figure out.

Why TikTok is addictive
Interactive multimedia explaining the psychology of TikTok. What an interesting format!


How To Find Anything On The Internet (With Google)
Use advanced Google Search to find any webpage, emails, info, file or secrets. For advanced image searches use this guide to learn how to search by color & more.

    20 questions to achieve clarity in your writing
    Few picks:
    1. How would I explain this to a smart person that I know—who is NOT an expert?
    2. Can an analogy help me take an unfamiliar or complex concept and make it familiar?
    3. Is my story so clear that a reader could pass along the most important information to another person?

      Resources & Tools
      Use Cases for AI Video

      Synthesia (AI Video)

      Generate a realistic video of a person reading a script directly to the camera. Check out a sample I made for BrainPint. This is both awesome & creepy. I'm sure many companies will jump on this to create Learning & Development content. It's a game changer for video. (h/t to Indie Letters for finding this)

      Screenshot Rocks Promo Picture

      Screenshot Rocks

      With this simple open-source tool, you can make your screenshots look prettier (h/t Lesley)

      On the Mac, you can use Shift-Command-4-Spacebar to take screenshots that include windows.

      Clozemaster - Gamified, flashcard-style language learning through mass exposure to vocabulary in context. You can get by with a free plan! I use this for Spanish!


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          Can You Feel The Love Tonight (Video) - Warm acapella version of the Lion King classic by Pentatonix.

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