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Summer has landed for the vegans in the valley :-)

Happy heatwave to you all across our beautiful blooming valley! 
Welcome to the July edition of the newsletter and just like the weather, it's a scorcher :-)
We will see what antics the 3 Valley Vegans have been getting up to in the past weeks and detail upcoming events. There are recipes and healthy tips as well.....Enjoy.

Photo from our cookery demo
FOOD stand at the Festival of ideas

June saw an immense celebration going on throughout the valley to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of Incredible edible.

3 Valley Vegans participated by having a stall at Todmorden College on the 23rd, which was a huge success.
We demonstrated how to make Spring Rolls, which are pictured above alongside other food provided at the event.

Vietnamese Spring Rolls

Ingredients :
Rice wrappers
Thin batons of carrot
cucumber and peppers
Beansprouts or cooked thin rice noodles.
Chopped coriander
Thin strips of tofu Soy sauce / chili sauce etc

Rice wrappers can be small or large, square or round and can be bought from Asian / Chinese shops or the lady selling Chinese food on Todmorden market. Tofu should be marinated in soy sauce beforehand or cooked til crisp.

1)  Soak wrappers, one at a time, in a shallow bowl of water until just soft enough to roll.
2) Put wrapper on a dry surface and place strips of tufu, veg, herbs and noodles etc in a small pile in the center, lower half, of the wrapper. 
3) Roll wrapper from the bottom, folding sides in as you go and press firmly to seal at the top. 
4) Chill in fridge for at least 30 minutes.
5) Serve with a dip of choice ... soy sauce, chili sauce, tahini sauce etc.     
Experiment with different fillings and sauces.

Click here for other recipe ideas on our website
Spring Rolls Cooking Tutorial
Food Tip - Increasing your vitamin D intake

The glorious sun is raying down on us, which brings with it lots of vitamin D.
Sunlight is our main source of this vital nutrient, which boosts the immune system and helps absorb calcium, magnesium and phosphate in our bodies.

The abundant mushroom is surprisingly one of the few foods that actually contain Vitamin D.
They are, by nature, rich in this vitamin and so more the reason to indulge and eat more of these delicious and versatile plants.

A very good tip is to let your mushrooms sunbathe outside for a few minutes before you prepare them in a meal.
They are thought to be one of the only vegetables that can increase their vitamin D levels by converting it from the sunlight.
Happy eating!



Burger Recipes Galore

Barbeques are sizzling wherever you turn at the moment. And rightly so. The weather is just too gorgeous to eat inside.
So as a result, burgers are in hot demand.
Visit the Ordinary Vegan site for some lip smacking burger recipes to wow your friends and family at your up coming garden parties.

Link to the burger recipes at Ordinary Vegan
Meat Substitutes.

There are lots of claims and increasingly more information about the benefits of being vegan - ethically, environmentally and nutritionally.
In particular, the evidence is continuing to mount regarding the health benefits of a plant based diet.
But what about the convenience foods that are out there for vegans?  There are a variety of products available on the market to substitute meat and new ones are arriving all the time.
The question is, how healthy are these ready made products?
Fry's is one of the leading manufacturers of plant based   substitutes, please follow the link to see how their products compare nutritionally to the meat equivalents.

Plant Based News banner
Hedgehogs In The Heat

With the intense hot weather over such a prolonged time this year, please remember our little friends in the wild.

Experts are urging people with gardens to leave out a bowl of water at night for the hedgehogs.

Other animals will also be grateful for this no doubt.

Newspaper article regarding the hedgehog plight
Did You Know?

Did you know that it is common practice for bee keepers to cut one of the queen bee's wing to stop the bees from leaving the hive?

Click the link to see how commercial honey production exploits bees and why honey is considered non-vegan.

Article by The Vegan Society "The Honey Industry"
Why Vegans Don't Eat Honey
Up Coming Event

Picnic In The Park

Join us in the summer holidays on Wednesday the 29th August for a food spread in Centre Vale park, Todmorden.

Come and sample each others dishes, meet new people and relax whilst taking in the gorgeous views of our surrounding countryside.

Please bring vegan food to share, own cutlery and crockery and a blanket to sit on.
Dogs are welcome.

Please email to book a place at: 3valleyvegns@gmail.com

We hope to see you there.



Incredible Festival of Ideas banner
Organised Rally To Ban Grouse Shooting.

The moors around Hebden Bridge are some of Yorkshire’s most iconic beauty spots, but Yorkshire Water has put them in jeopardy. The uplands are let out by the utility company to grouse shooters who decimate the wildlife for sport by trap and gun. Not only this - large sections of heather are deliberately burnt to increase game bird numbers, decimating blanket bog and contributing to flooding in the valley and other sections of the county. By leasing out land for grouse shooting, Yorkshire Water is damaging wildlife, habitat, visitor experiences and the regional economy.

What shall we do? Saturday 11 August is the day before the start of the grouse shooting season. We will hold a respectful protest in Hebden Bridge’s Town Square to urge Yorkshire Water to stop leasing land above the town for grouse shooting.

Are you ready to take action?

► Date: Saturday 11 August 2018
► Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire
► Time: 11:30am
► Address: The Town Square (St George's Square), Bridge Gate, Hebden Bridge, HX7 8EX

Confirmed speakers: Luke Steele (Co-Founder, Ban Bloodsports on Yorkshire's Moors), Nick Weston (Head of Campaigns, League Against Cruel Sports), Dominic Dyer (CEO, Badger Trust), Ros Berrington (Wildlife monitor across Calder Valley).

Posters and leaflets will be provided, but please bring along your friends and family.

Map of Calderdale
UPDATED! Local eating and shopping guides

Eating out and shopping can be tricky when you're vegan, especially when just starting out. To make things a little easier, we have compiled a list of vegan-friendly eateries and shops in Calderdale:

View our Guide to Eating Out in Calderdale

View our Vegan Friendly Calderdale Shopping Guide

Have we missed anything off these lists? Please send your suggestions to tech@3valleyvegns.org.uk 


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