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BRUCE LEE: "I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.”


Sunday, December 6, 2020 | Melbourne, Australia


Greetings friends!

What's your one kick?

So many lessons for business professionals in this one Bruce Lee quote:

“I fear not the man who has practised 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.”

In terms of social media and content marketing, there’s a tendency for some people, when starting out, to be on as many channels at once.

I understand the temptation, but it’s not necessarily the best plan of attack. My advice has always been master one or two channels first, and then extend from there.

For me, it was blogging first, back in 2007. Then Twitter later that year, although I didn’t ‘hit my straps’ until 2008/09.

My focus on LinkedIn came years later, even though I had signed up to the platform in 2005 (it was a bit of a social wasteland in those days!).

Podcasting too came down the track.

String Nguyen has gone down this path too.

She first mastered video on the early live streaming app, Meerkat. Then she progressed to Snapchat.

Now she’s killing it with video on LinkedIn. I think there may have been Facebook live streaming in there somewhere too :)

Ditto Mark Masters, from You Are The Media - check out YATM's timeline of progress here!

He focused first on blogging, and then email, a podcast ... then events.

What’s your ‘one kick’? Start practising it today!

This is the final Influence &IMPACT letter for 2020 - thanks for being such a swell reader - stay well, I'll see you on the other side! 🙏


Pat Mannix has a crack ... and it's paying dividends!

In this week's episode of the Reputation Revolution podcast I feature Pat Mannix, a partner in the Melbourne-based accounting firm, Paris Financial.

Pat is the Small Business Tax Champion.

He uses video to deliver value to his target audience, the small business community.

Pat's videos demystify legislation, unpack complex issues around all things tax, and provide savvy business tips and advice. Plus he doesn't mind delivering the occasional rant against multinational companies that don't pay their fair share of tax!

Importantly, Pat's content is the real deal.

Yes, it's valuable content for the intended audience - small business owners - but it's how he presents it that really resonates. With Pat, what you see is what you get - he's a funny guy, and his personality really shines through in his videos. This is very welcome, given a lot of the subject matter is on the dry side!

If you've been 'umming and aahing' as to whether you should be creating content but are starting to maybe overthink things to the point where nothing is getting done, you'll be inspired by this chat with Pat Mannix.

Pat Mannix in full force - he had a crack, he kept going, and now he's reaping the rewards as a result! 


The argument for journaling

Steve Sammartino says things of value "need to be held onto and protected".

He writes in this article: Some things become more valuable the longer we hang onto them, or when we put them to use and unlock their potential. Our thoughts are one of these things.

I agree.

Steve may be more handy with a pen than many of us (he illustrates a lot!) but the sentiment is the same: get your thoughts and ideas down in writing.

He says this process "takes something from being ephemeral to existing in the physical world. It’s the first part of getting the idea into the real world – it’s a chasm we must cross".

Given content in its many and varied forms is the backbone of building a credible personal brand these days - being curious, observing trends and things going on in our market or industry, sketching out ideas and insights come with the territory. And we have to aggregate these thoughts and ideas somewhere!

Personally, I oscillate between Milanote (for online) and hardcopy notebooks.

My preferred notepad these days is from LIFE STATIONERY, a Japanese company; my fave is a Margin B5 Notebook. What's your notepad of choice? Email me and let me know!


Finding your voice

How's this for the opening of a blog post?

How far are you willing to go to know what’s really going on in your business?

A few years ago I was at a industry educational event with a Californian named Joe as the keynote speaker. He was a renowned management wizard, and the unhealthiest looking human I’ve ever seen, like Steve Buscemi after a month-long meth bender.

Scraggly grey hair. Yellow teeth and eyes. Semi-translucent skin, like the belly of one of those creepy fish that live in the dark in deep ocean trenches.

We all tried to estimate how old he was. The general consensus was mid 50s. On the break, he joined the smokers outside in the alley. I’m not a smoker but I dropped into the chat. Turned out Joe was 39.

Ian Whitworth has found his voice, and he uses it devastatingly well in the articles he writes.

We only find our voice through practice.

What are you doing in 2021?

Read more of Ian's article.


This quote caught my attention

"For a content creator like me, there is a symbiotic relationship between writing, teaching, and consulting. At the very highest level, teaching forces me to clarify my thinking and create relevant, up-to-the-minute content. That class content works its way into this blog, my podcast, speeches, and books. This fresh thought leadership makes me a desirable marketing strategy consultant for many businesses."



This quote caught my attention too!

"Never underestimate the power of your thoughts and ideas. Make sure you capture them so they don’t fade into the ether."


Wise words!


Hit “reply”

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Thanks for reading! Until next time ...




Let's double-down on Bruce. It's been that kinda year, huh?


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