Just a quick one this week! 

There's an awesome new vampire novels focused book fair which includes a giveaway, and a cool new place called BookDoggy where you can find great deals on books! 

More news on the forthcoming Gallows Novel, Reality Ruptured, is coming next week, including a peek inside. 

Until then, happy reading! :)

Love Bites Vampire Book Fair

Get Great Deals on eBooks!

BookDoggy is a new book promo site that I've found. They feature a great mix of books in different genres. Everything from USA Today bestsellers to hidden gems that you may not have discovered yet. As well as having great deals, they're always giving away cool prizes. This month's prize is a Kindle eReader. And, they're featuring one of my books tomorrow. Click to check out their site, and make sure you enter their Kindle giveaway!

Sharon Stevenson Author

The Apex

2 Sheriffs Orchard