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I’ve been a fan of Arsenal Football Club since I started following the sport in the early 2000s. My brother was a fan and somehow it rubbed off on me quite thickly. I was there for the glory days of Wenger and the Invincibles, and stuck through the turmoil of “Wenger-out” and the ensuing transition phase – a phase we’re still navigating. Earlier today (I’m writing this on Saturday), we had to play the FA Cup final and I found myself begging God to give us a win. Every time I do this (and it’s been a lot, especially in recent years >_<), I know at the back of my mind that Arsenal’s winning or losing is not predicated on my pleading – sometimes bargaining – with God. I know that in the grand scheme of things, the story He’s weaving around the lives of the players, coaching team, and the football ecosystem takes precedence over my mostly momentary heartbreak over a lost match or foregone trophy. I know this for sure. But does this knowledge stop me from throwing up a “God abeg” every critical game?

Nope. Why?

Why should it?

To me, there are no “small” cares or “big” cares. No “important enough” cares. God gets every single thing. The big stuff, the little stuff. The random stuff. The critical stuff. Everything. Because He’s there, He knows, and He cares. About it all. Sometimes we win an impossible game and I throw up a “thank you!” to round off my previously said “God abeg”. Other times we don’t, and I rail about the club and then tell myself that winning that game didn’t fit into God’s story for that time, and that’s that.

Earlier in the week, someone posted commentary on a matter she believed she’d heard God speak to her about and amongst the very many resulting opinions (it was a hot topic), one I came across frequently was along these lines, “Imagine getting a chance to talk to God and xyz is what you choose to talk about.” “Of all the things happening in the world right now, this is what God chooses to talk to you about?”

And I thought to myself, “well you definitely don’t want to see/hear what I talk about!”

Also, “getting a chance”, was quite instructive because it signalled that to the person who said it, speaking with God was a rare occurrence that didn’t happen often or to everyone and as such should be treated with appropriate severity.

When last did you have a conversation with God? Have you ever?

I’m not attempting to make light of speaking with the creator of the universe. It is a big deal. Yet it’s something He wants with everyone. When Paul wrote to pray without ceasing, he didn’t mean to kneel down every single second of the day and “beseech thee dear God.” He was referring to running commentary and constant conversation. Involving God in every aspect of your life. Sharing laughs, heavy stuff, light stuff. Asking for the outfit of the day, best route to take, whether to say hello to that colleague, how to write that report. God is interested in every aspect of your life, so giving him only the things you think are “worthy” is doing yourself a disservice. 

His attending to your small matter does not distract him from major world issues. He can do all. He comfortably does all. He’s not us that put “ability to multitask” on our resumes when we can only successfully juggle 1.5 things at once. He’s the greatest multitasker and the fact that creation holds up every day is testament to this. Different planets, time zones, climates, etc., all functioning simultaneously…and nothing is out of order. 

God says He’s omnipresent (all-present), omniscient (all-knowing) and omnipotent (all-powerful) – believe Him.

During conversation as humans, we tend to be guarded, not wanting to reveal more information than we should in case the listener uses it against you, judges you for it, etc. Or sometimes you’re just not in the mood/too tired to talk. Talking with God doesn’t have these limitations because He already knows. How you’re feeling, what you’re thinking, what you want to say. Whether or not you bring it to Him, He knows. Bringing it to Him is for your own benefit – sometimes you get direction on what to do, sometimes you don’t; but all times, you get unexplainable peace. It’s a win-win situation, really.

Speaking of winning, Arsenal won the FA Cup for a record 14th time on Saturday, so thank you God!

Binge Jesus On Repeat
Elevation Worship, Rattle

Rattle is the first song on Elevation Worship’s Graves to Gardens album. I featured Graves to Gardens (song) in my very first letter and I’d just heard it then. So basically, I heard Rattle for the first time at least 10 weeks ago and have heard it a number of times since then, while listening to the album. I liked it well enough and even knew enough of its lyrics to sing along. 

But earlier this week, Tuesday I think, I was about to start my activities for the day and was looking up accompanying music. I looked through my library and settled on the Graves to Gardens album, thinking that it would be nice to listen to my favourites on it. I’d been carrying on light conversation with the Holy Spirit at the time, so He then said something like: would you like another song on the album to come alive for you? I was like, oh sure, I love when that happens.

You know how you’ve heard a song before, but you hear it one day and all of a sudden it feels like you’re really hearing it for the first time?

So, I played the album, and Rattle came on, and I’m not sure what exactly happened or how it happened but listen; this song. And not just the song, the video. I was playing the deluxe version of the album, so the videos were queued up at the end. 

Actually it might have been watching the video that lit the fire in my heart, I’m not sure; all I can say is that this song and video got under my skin and into my bones and have refused to move since then (perhaps I should tell them to hear the word of the Lord, lol!) I’ve binged on them (song and video) all week.

Saturday was silent
Surely it was through
But since when has impossible
Ever stopped You

Friday's disappointment
Is Sunday's empty tomb
Since when has impossible
Ever stopped You

This is the sound of dry bones rattling
This is the praise make a dead man walk again
Open the grave, I'm coming out
I'm gonna live, gonna live again
This is the sound of dry bones rattling

My God is able to save and deliver and heal
And restore anything that He wants to

Just ask the man who was thrown
On the bones of Elisha
If there's anything that He can't do

Just ask the stone that was rolled
At the tomb in the garden
What happens when God says to move

God said live, God said live
Dry bones hear the Word of the Lord
Live! Live!

I hope your week is full of easy, endless conversation with the creator of the universe.

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Live free,
Live free,
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