Series 3 celebrates it's 15th anniversary on the 28th of April 2017. On this day in 2002 at 9pm, the lads triumphantly returned to our screens and 12 million viewers saw the lads back together for the first time in over 15 years to dismantle the Middlesbrough Transporter Bridge and erect* it in Arizona, USA.

Series 3 celebrates it's 15th anniversary on the 28th of April 2017. On this day in 2002 at 9pm, the lads triumphantly returned to our screens and 12 million viewers saw the lads back together for the first time in over 15 years to dismantle the Middlesbrough Transporter Bridge and erect* it in Arizona, USA.

To celebrate this momentous occasion, we bring you this:

  • A History of It's Return
  • Brand New Competition!
  • Exclusive Series 3 Merchandise Release!
  • Georgina Lightning Interview
  • Is The Bridge Going?
  • The Boys Were Back - Evening Chronicle
  • BBC Promotional Card
  • Original TV Magazine Features

*No jokes please, we've heard them all

"It's Outrageous...."

The scene was about as far as one could imagine from a construction site in Germany. In a private room in Marco Pierre White's sumptuous Mirabelle restaurant in London's Mayfair,  a group of famous actors sat around the table drinking red wine.....

Oz, Neville, Dennis, Barry, Bomber & Moxey were back!

When Auf Wiedersehen, Pet came to an end in 1986, it seemed to be writers Dick Clement & Ian La Frenais's last word on lovable mixed up Geordie men. Auf Wiedersehen, Pet became the most successful British comedy-drama of it's time. Clement & La Frenais went on to write films such as The Commitments, Vice Versa and Still Crazy, while actor Jimmy Nail who before playing Oz had been working on a building site in Germany for real, found fame in series such as Spender and in the pop charts. Kevin Whately became one of TV's most bankable leading men, and Timothy Spall star of such movies as Mike Leigh's Secrets & Lies

"The actors have all done pretty well since the old series, so it wasn't like anyone needed the gig.." says Dick Clement "Nor did we.." Yet Clement & La Frenais both agreed to attend the fateful lunch at the Mirabelle with the six leading actors, BBC's then director of arts and entertainment Alan Yentob, and the man who thought up Auf Wiedersehen, Pet in the first place Franc Roddam. 

"When I first had the idea (of reviving the series) I asked Jimmy's agent who told me I'd never get him to agree. The next day I bumped into Jimmy in the street. I was coming out of plumbing shop and Jimmy a guitar shop. I said I was thinking of reviving Auf Wiedersehen and he said, in his Geordie accent 'I'll do it' just like that..." says Roddam

"The idea of the lunch was that we would get together and decide whether or not to go ahead.." Roddam says. "But when they all turned up, I knew the decision was already made. The team were back in business..."



The Middlesbrough Transporter Bridge; designed by the ‘Cleveland Bridge and Engineering Co’, opened in October 1911 and carefully dismantled piece by piece in 2002 by ‘BridgeNorth Demolition’.

Now firmly rooted in Auf Wiedersehen, Pet folklore, the bridge stands proud in Arizona transporting Native Americans across ‘Crow River’ to their now thriving Casino. Or so the story goes*.

To commemorate 15 years since the first airing of this award-winning BBC comedy drama, we’ve emblazoned the striking ‘BridgeNorth’ company logo across the front of our luxurious thick heavy cotton white tee-shirts and added the official Series 3 logo to the sleeve for that extra touch of class!


Photograph yourself wearing one of our brand new ‘BridgeNorth’ tee shirts beside the Transporter Bridge for your chance to win a tee shirt of your choice from the Official Auf Wiedersehen, Pet shop! Simply send your photos to for a chance to win and our team will draw one lucky name at random on June 2nd 2017, Terms & Conditions apply. Good luck!

*We’ve been assured by our friends in the north that the Transporter Bridge still dominates the skyline in Middlesbrough and continues to transport vehicles, pedestrians and AWP fans across the River Tees! Why not check out their website here for more information and to how to locate this famous landmark.

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Georgina Lightning Q & A

Georgina Lightning played Lainie Proudfoot in several Series 3 episodes, and many will fondly remember her character and Bomber's create a blossoming romance, which would continue right up until the final ever episode.

Georgina has kindly agreed to answer several questions about her time filming Series 3. How did she get on with the cast, could she understand the Geordie dialect, how did playing a native American in a UK TV show make her feel, plus find out what she's working on today!

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Is The Bridge Going....?

 In 2002, the Tees Transporter Bridge in Middlesbrough was making the news in a big way. When featured in Auf Wiedersehen, Pet and seeing the lads taking it down, many actually believed it was being dismantled and relocated to Arizona. We now know that wasn't the case, but many members of the public believed it to be real. Thanks to our friends at the Transporter Bridge we received a letter written by a viewer asking what was happening to the bridge....

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The Boys Were back In Toon 15 years Ago...

 Earlier this month to celebrate 15 years of Series 3, we teamed up with Dave Morton at the Evening Chronicle to find out how the boys returned after many years being away.

Kevin Whately explains how the lads were all having reservations about reviving the show for a third outing. “Since the last series, there has been lots of speculation and rumour about the show being revived but, to be honest, I didn't think it would ever happen...."

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BBC Promotional Card

For the release of Series 3, the BBC circulated these promotional cards throughout the press agencies and to fans if you were wise enough to write in to them.

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The Times Magazine

In 2002 Auf Wiedersehen, Pet returned but not before the press got hold of the lads on location in Arizona! Will it be a success, can we equal what we did in the 80’s?

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Series 3 on DVD

Oz, Barry, Neville, Dennis, Bomber and Moxey (along with the late Wayne's son Wyman) are back together.

The last 15 years have been kinder to some of the lads than others. One drives a Bentley, another a taxi. Marriages have come and gone. But when Oz turns up with an irresistible offer, the Magnificent Seven find that the friendships they made on the road to Dusseldorf have, against the odds, survived. Wayne and the days of Thatcher's unemployed have gone.

However, the need for one big pay day remains. Some need the money, some need the comfort of friendship. Oz reckons they can each earn a small fortune if they can find a way of transporting Teeside's Transporter Bridge from Middlesborough to Arizona. Having decided to carry out Oz's plan, over the six episodes, the lads encounter love, lust, deception, cash, theft, fraud, drugs and the FBI! This double DVD release features the entire third series of Auf Wiedersehen Pet.

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