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Greetings from Emaurria!

It's been about a month since you've last heard from me, and unfortunately, I don't have great news.

Last year, I had what I considered a knock-out year. From November 2017 to November 2018, I released five books, four of which were huge epic fantasy tomes. Altogether, that's about 870,000 words or 3,450 pages. O_O During that time I had five major surgeries, physical therapy and wound packing sometimes three sessions a week, and two months of De Quervain's tendonitis, during which my hands and wrists hurt immensely (even under medication), my husband helped me with everyday tasks like brushing my hair and eating/drinking (he is a superhero), and I couldn't type at all and had to dictate.

A normal person would have thought: Clearly you surpassed your limit. There's a lesson to be learned here... slow down.

A normal person. But me? I thought I'd achieved something great. And I would plan to do the same the following year.

Sad but true: Leave me alone while I'm working, and I will not stop. I put exactly three bottles of water on the table next to me and a bag of granola, and I will work from morning until bedtime. Of course, with a loving husband and a peppy little Pomeranian, that doesn't often happen, but it's my default. I'll ignore being tired, but uncomfortable, being hungry, even wanting to go outside... and just do what I love, which is work.

Only this year, work decided not to cooperate. When I sat down to write The Dragon King, Jon looked at my draft and said, "Nope. I wouldn't do that." And Rielle looked too and said, "Neither would I!" Brennan raised a brow but said, "That's exactly what would do, but you've made a mess of the rest, haven't you?" Why yes I have, Brennan. Thank you for your input - very helpful. In short, a book I'd planned for years went awry, and working from morning until bedtime wasn't going to fix The Dragon King in time. And worse, I'd already bled into my drafting period for Bright of the Moon. And even burning the candle at both ends, it wouldn't be right to release it as it is now either. I want it to equal or surpass No Man Can Tame in its storytelling and quality.

And so, I have to postpone Bright of the Moon. And worse, as an indie author, there's no way for me to do that on Amazon like the big publishers get, so the preorder is coming down altogether (which looks terrible).

I've kept raising the bar on myself for so long, even when it has negative effects on me, even when any normal person wouldn't... and I overestimated what I could do this year. The Dragon King was tougher than anticipated and bled into Bright of the Moon's time, and I've had some personal issues pop up (which of course I'd never plan for...). I've been struggling, and I never intended for any of this. The worst thing I could do is disappoint you all, but here we are.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry for promising what I couldn't deliver, and for not delivering on what I promised. I'm sorry I've gotten in my own way and disappointed all of you.

All of this, my anxiety disorder, and talking it through with my family and close friends, has led me to the tough decision of seeking therapy. I don't know the meaning of "take on less" or "slow down," but for my own wellbeing and health, I need to.

What does this mean for Bright of the Moon and The Dragon King? I'm still working on both and, actually, Immortelle. (Which has been fun!) But my pace is slower. I'm contractually obligated to get Bright of the Moon out this year due to an audiobook agreement, so my focus will be on that first and then The Dragon King, as far as my individual releases go.

Nicolette Andrews is aware of my situation (it helps she's one of my closest friends!), and because we have such a clear path for our co-authored series Celestial War coming in August, we don't anticipate that changing. Plus, she's a rockstar at motivation - like I should seriously pay her money for lighting fires under my butt when I need them most. (Thank you, Nicolette!!!)

I wish I had better news... and there won't be preorders for either book, but you'll be the first to know as soon as I have a firm release date and then BOOM - it's appearing on Amazon for sale.

Thank you for reading.



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The god is a fake. For five hundred years, the dragon was trapped at the shrine. Betrayed by the woman he loved, he needs to find her reincarnation to get his revenge. Since Suzume freed him, he chooses her to help him. But when Suzume discovers she is that woman, it’s a race to seal him again before he finds out.

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Thanks for reading!

P.S. I’d love to hear from you! If you hit the reply button, you can send me an email. :)


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