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Just You And Me is now in KU!

For those of you who didn't check out this fantastic collection yet, it's now in Kindle Unlimited! 1284 PAGES of sexy romance reads, including The Best Man For Leah by yours truly - it's part of the Elevator Encounters series and you can't read it ANYWHERE else. 

And if you don't have KU, this 15-book box set is still only 99 cents! What the heck are you waiting for?

Gimme! I want Just You And Me now!

He has that ridiculously confident swagger that turns your head when he walks by, the kind of scorching body you want to feel wrapped around you. His devilish dimple teases every woman who looks at him.

No wonder he’s known as a heartbreaker, the man women dream about and the one they end up crying over.

He’s a hotshot. And the chances of you falling for this guy are no better than a cupid’s arrow piercing your armor-plated heart… or so you thought.

6 full-length novels written by NY Times and USA Today, best-selling, award-winning authors where one lucky woman will capture a hotshot hero’s heart.

Includes books by Carole Mortimer, Rebecca York, Sharon Hamilton and more! Grab it now for just 99 cents!

Hotshot Heartbreakers

Ellie White is impulsive and hard working. She knows life could be better, but she feels stuck in the situation that she's in. When billionaire businessman, Morgan Hunt rescues her from a burning diner, her life changes. He impresses her with how genuine and caring he seems to be. Then Ellie realizes that she might be falling for him. When she learns that he can't stop thinking about her, the decision to sleep with him is all too easily made and she surprises herself with her own deep desires. He breaks her heart and she blames herself for being so naive. Can she ever trust him again?

Love, life, and a possible career hang in the balance as Ellie and Morgan discover their true selves in a hot, passionate romance that promises to seal the deal.

Get this highly rated book for just 99 cents!

Educating Ellie

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I know, I know, you're normally more likely to see Navy SEALS than actual seals in my newsletter. But I saw a link this week to an article featuring some of the entrants for the 2017 Comedy Wildlife Photography awards and I just couldn't resist sharing. I hope you'll get as much of a laugh as I did - the fox taking a crap in the golf hole is definitely my favourite because my husband is a very keen golfer!

Check out the article here!

Hope that gave you a giggle and that you have a wonderful week!

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