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I need one of those long hugs where you kinda forget whatever else is happening around you for a minute."


I hope you've been having a good week. Finally some sunshine today! I'm still settling into my new home and new compromises 🙄 but getting there - it's very disorienting.

Thank you to all those who replied to last week's email about the £250 for an introduction to Company coaching... Looking forward to sending that money your way! 

Great news to share with you today, my first column for Female First Magazine went live this week. It's about how to talk about depression at home and at work. There are some tips in there that can be useful for your approach. If you need some extra help, send me an email.

I was lazy with the blog this week and have shared this same article because quite frankly the more people who read it who need the help, the better.

However, it got me thinking, why don't you send me what you'd like to hear about in those articles? Just reply to this email and I'll start scheduling. You guys email me about some great topics but there may be other things you'd like to know about, so let me know. 

Something I didn't add to the article (because it can be deemed controversial) is that if you're struggling with depression (but not suicidal) I highly recommend adjusting your mindset. Stay with me, it's very easy to say when you're feeling depressed that you 'have depression' that 'I have always had depression' that 'my life is depression' - what you tell your mind, it will believe. So if you changed the thought to 'I manage depression' you're a lot more likely, over time to be managing it without medication and even removing it completely. I'm also going to say that having a sense of community and purpose is essential to help you heal. There's science in this for those of you that needs scientific approval, have a look here at this very comprehensive detailed article by Harvard but for those who are more open, I am a walking talking example and I'm certainly not the only one.   Start thinking about your negative self-talk. Even the most 'healthiest' of us have negative self-talk, too much of this will lead to difficulties in knowing what you believe in and what you've conditioned yourself to believe. Depression is not a simple diagnosis and it will be different for everyone - I say that it's on a scale. The root causes for a person's depression need to be explored and understood. I strongly disagree that there is no cause, this is a disease of the mind and as much as genetics can prove that depression is in your DNA, mindset is something we ALL CAN CONTROL. The difference here is whether you choose to or not. And yes, none of this is easy or will 'cure' overnight, it takes time with the right therapies but your will to want something different is what will help you the most.

I hope the article is helpful to you. If you really can see the value of getting away, please please book onto the Frankly Unstoppable Retreat in Spain. I also have 2-3 spaces that are very low in price if that's what you need. Obviously I will recommend the retreat but I'm not just saying it, the testimonials speak for themselves. This is a safe environment to start working through your challenges and you can ask me about whether the retreat would be right for you by email or phone whenever you want - I am ethical. I will not say something will help when I don't think it can.

Lots of love

Puja x

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If you think that what you've seen and heard from me could be really useful for the company you work with to implement - especially if you've been unable to invest in the Coaching for yourself yet - then please would you introduce me to the person who makes that decision. In return, if the company signs up to my Coaching, I'll gift you with £250 cash. Details about my company coaching is HERE

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