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Share a Coffee

Good Thursday Morning!

Welcome to Issue #31 of Share a Coffee! Today we'll be sharing a coffee with Max Haining!

Max Haining - @HainingMax

Max has always wanted to bring his ideas to life but never had the skills to do so. That's until he found no-code just as a near worldwide lockdown was ensuing in February 2020. 

Whilst doing a social entrepreneurship course called Year Here, and with some more spare time on his hands, he decided to go all-in on learning this skill by dedicating 100 consecutive days to it, in 30 minute daily increments. Here the 100DaysOfNoCode challenge and community was born. 

He now helps others start their no-code learning journey through 100DaysOfNoCode and wants to grow this movement further!

    Follow Max on Twitter @HainingMax and check out 100DaysOfNoCode!

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    Max was nominated by Vidya (Issue #24)

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    Kitchener, ON Canada

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