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New Board – Fresh Ideas!

Changes in the executive team of GLL brought about changes in the Board of the organisation. Meet its new members: GLL Award Laureate from Boston, USA Ruta J. Laukien, Managing partner at GrayBella Capital fund; GLL Patron Vilius Zukauskas, who spent much of his professional life in California, USA, and is currently the Director of Business Development at cybersecurity company CUJO AI; Marius Raugalas, the president of LCLC - Lithuanian City of London Club who will voice the opinion of clubs of Lithuanian professionals abroad. Co-founder of GLL Dalia Dalia Petkevičienė has taken the role of Chairwoman of the Board to replace long term leader Domas Dargis. We very much hope these changes will strengthen GLL ties with Lithuanian professionals across the continents and help us move towards our vision to make Lithuania the best connected country in the world! If you wish to read more about GLL founders and Board members, click here


GLL Networking Back to Vilnius | May 29

If you happen to be in Vilnius on May 29, we cordially invite you to join the traditional GLL Networking Back to Vilnius which will take place at Salionas bar (K. Sirvydo st. 9, Vilnius) from 7 pm.
It will start with 40-minute talk by Kristina Dryža, an international archetypal consultant and speaker, who will share her insights on how archetypes within our collective consciousness influence the way we operate businesses.   
This will take us to a comfy starting point for further networking, heated discussions, new contacts, and fresh ideas for work and holidays!

GLL Networking Back to Vilnius is an informal event, so you are most welcome to bring over a friend, a colleague or a guest. Register here

Clubs of Global Professionals | Meet-Up in Brussels

On September 13-15, Clubs of Global Lithuanian Professionals will gather in Brussels for the third weekend-long Forum which serves as the platform for live meetings, sharing of joys and concerns, as well as creative ideas for projects and club sustainability in general. The first Forum took place in Copenhagen and brought together representatives of 5 clubs, the second happened in Dublin and attracted people from 8 clubs. This year it is organized by the Investors Club “MAM Investment” acting in Luxembourg and Belgium and is expected to be even more massive by the attendance and more engaging by its contents as every year clubs gain more experience to be shared.

Talent for Lithuania | Burning Deadlines

Good opportunities have no time zones. But they do have deadlines.Some of our fantastic job offers at Talentai Lietuvai will be closing next week!

As we all know, Lithuania is famous for its laser industry. If you know a bright graduate ready to take Lithuania‘s laser innovations to new heights, make sure to let them know about this R&D Engineer job opportunity at Light Conversion by June 1!

No physics masterminds in your network, but you have heard of that special someone looking to start their career in Lithuania? Well, think no more: Lithuania‘s top employers are eager to hear about them – share this link with anyone in search of new opportunities!

From marketing to finance, from research to engineering: all international study backgrounds are welcome! Most of our applicants find out about the programme from their friends and family, and we‘re sure that your message could be someone‘s ticket to a great career in Lithuania, too. 

Clubs of Global Professionals | Busy May

May of 2019 witnessed the exceptional variety of events organised by the Clubs of Global Professionals, to name just a few: 


Academic Buddy Spin Off | Prime Learning

We are happy to see a spin off of our voluntary program Academic Buddy – Prime Learning – turn into a viable business. Jonas Kavaliauskas, Paulius Ašvydis and Nikita Pajanok – students at Yale and Cambridge Universities –  are developing a new generation college consulting platform. With a solid track record of helping talented and hard-working Lithuanian youth get into places like Harvard, Yale, Oxford, Cambridge and other top schools in the US and the UK, they have banded together some of the brightest Lithuanian talent in order to pass on a wealth of knowledge on how to hack prepping for the SATs, ACTs, IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge Assessment and other standardised tests, excel in interviews, secure generous financial aid packages and more. On top of that, with a team well-versed in machine learning, they're adding technology to the mix by building a program to design better tests, grade them, and provide tailored feedback, aid students in college essay and cover letter writing – basically, optimize the learning process. Check them out at!

GLL Business Advisors | Expertise of Global Professionals

Since 2013, business mentorship program GLL Business Advisors has engaged global Lithuanian professionals as mentors to growing Lithuanian companies, emerging innovators and entrepreneurs.

GLL has taken up the role of expectation management and match making between a local company with clearly defined and well discussed task and a global professional from the market and the sector of interest. Many of 100 companies advised have described the experience as time- and money-saving shortcuts to high-level expertise and key contacts.

The results of these matches have ranged from one to two consultations and business connections to long-term business relationships.

Read more here.

Contact for more

LT Big Brother | Sailing into New Season

After glueing mentors together in an adventurous sailing weekend, LT Big Brother is ready to announce the start of 11th season of mentorship program for Lithuanians all over the world. This year, professional adventure is taken by 270 incredibly talented mentees and 200 experienced mentors in communication, law, medicine, business and other fields. The opening event is taking place on 6th of June in Vilnius (Vilnius municipality, Konstitucijos 3). Follow us here and find more upcoming information. 

Elections of May 2019 | New President and Massive Activity

Lithuania elected the new President Gitanas Nauseda as well as reached the new record of voting activity among Lithuanian diaspora. The number has reached 62,5 thousand which makes it three times higher than in the Parliament elections of 2016.

This record was reached most of all by the consistent efforts of the initiative DABAR which has been very active for the last 4 years engaging global Lithuanians into the political life of Lithuania and ensuring they believe in their value and impact.


Tadas Jucikas | First AI Centre in Vilnius

GLL member Tadas Jucikas and his brother Viktoras Jucikas, a driving force behind San Francisco based Genus AI, an artificial intelligence company that seeks to enable human level emotional intelligence, are about to open the first Artificial Intelligence Centre in Vilnius. We are happy to see global Lithuanians choosing their homeland for further business development and we are sure it will give a great boost to Lithuanian artificial intelligence eco-system. Besides, they are hiring now, so check it out. Stay tuned for more info. 


Audrius Borisa | New Member from Warsaw

Meet new GLL member Audrius Borisa, Senior Director for New Business Development at global retail consultancy firm Daymon Worldwide. Born in Lithuania, Audrius and his family are currently residing in Warsaw, while constantly commuting to his key-expertise countries in Eastern and Central Europe as well as the Balkans. We are happy Audrius joined our Business Advisors program and hope that it will turn into a valuable business connection for our members or Lithuanian companies looking to expand abroad.        


Startup Fair | Vilnius | May 30-31

We are happy to share the event of long-term GLL partner Enterprise Lithuania and Startup Lithuania. Mark May 30-31 on your calendars and take part in the biggest startup event in Lithuania Startup Fair. Change 2019. What to expect? Impressive speeches on 2 different stages, B2B meetings and the most challenging session – startup pitch battle of 50 pre-selected startup candidates.

LOGIN | June 6-7

The largest two-day innovation festival in the Baltics, aka the celebration of digital culture. The festive spirit is sparkled by two side events – Internet Awards, honouring the excellence of Internet projects of the previous year in Lithuania, and LOGOUT, perhaps the best after party in town. 

2nd Baltic Economic Conference | June 10-11 | Riga

Global Baltic Economists, be invited to submit papers the 2nd Baltic Economic Conference. This time it will take place in Riga at the Stockholm School of Economics on June 10-11, 2019.  The Baltic Economic Conference is organized by the Baltic Economic Association, founded by leading economic researchers mainly from Lithuania and the Baltic States to contribute to the development and application of economics as a science in the Baltic States, and to promote joint scholarly research and intellectual exchange between economists.

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