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Daily Happiness Journal #68
June 29th 2020

In this email:

  • Food for thought: Responsibility and Trust
  • Picture of the day: Orange, Yellow and Green
  • Daily Funny: Giraffe's neck
  • Daily Happiness: Berries
  • Daily Quote about giraffes
  • Quote from Nephilim Quest 1 / Shadowhunter

    I hope this little email (posted Monday-Friday) will uplift and encourage you to see the good things all around you.

    Food for Thought

    Responsibility and Trust

    One of the things that help you feel your life has a meaning is when you are given responsibility and you know you are trusted. 

    Think about it - when you have something meaningful to do, something that adds to the common good, and you are given the responsibility to do your best, and the trust that you can do it - doesn't life suddenly feel much more interesting?

    Do you have someone near you whom you could help by giving them this kind of responsibility? Whom you could show that you trust them, that they are valuable and capable of doing something important?

    Picture of the day
    Write down the positive things in your day, and let them lift your spirits
    Happiness Journal / Orange, Yellow and Green

    These pretty flowers grew in a garden of an old house. I took this picture in the Unesco World Heritage site of old Rauma in Finland.

    Orange, Yellow and Green -gifts
    Daily pictures as puzzles
    Daily Funny
    Giraffe's neck

    "Why id a giraffe's neck so long?"

    "Well if it wasn't that long, there would be an empty space between the head and the body!"

    Do you have a funny story you would like to see published in this letter? An event, what someone said? If so, send me your funny story in an email 

    (I especially love the funny things children say!). 

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    Today's Happiness


    We were at our summer cottage last weekend. It was sooo hot. The temperatures were +31 degrees and there was barely any wind. In such a warm weather I don't even get hungry. But fresh berries are always tasty. These were cultivated ones, but all these berries grow wild in the Finnish woods. I don't think there can be anything as delicious as wild raspberries you eat straight from the bush - all warm and juicy... 

    What made you happy today? Send a note and tell, if you wish to share your little happy moment with others.

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    Daily Quote

    "Be like a giraffe:

    Aim high,

    stand tall, 

    get spotted."

    - Anonymous

    Quote from Nephilim Quest 1 / Shadowhunter

    "Well don’t just stand there – give Kitty her flowers." Grandma gave me a little nudge.

    I stepped forward and stiffly bent to put the flowers on the grave. There was no grass growing on the earth yet. The thought of Kitty buried there made me nauseous.

    There were other bouquets as well, all fresh, so either others had only visited her grave in the last two days, or someone had been tending to the grave and taken any withered flowers away. Little angel statues and teddy bears and candles were strewn everywhere. Names of my classmates under "Miss You" notes and poems. A Christmas tree ornament even - a stylized bird made of some glittery red material. Our flowers complemented the little display beautifully. A robin flew to the stone and observed us for a while with before flying off to feed its young.

    "How lovely," Grandma said tilting her head slightly to one side, her hands on her hips. She sounded as though she was commenting on a painting or a piece of decoration. There was a pause while we looked at everything, and suddenly it was real for me. Kitty was dead. But strangely, I didn't feel like crying any more. It was so peaceful here, and the little - gifts - everyone had brought her were so kind and loving. It was as though in death, we suddenly really knew her as she truly was.

    Grandma was speaking, and I tuned out my thoughts so that I could hear what she was saying. She repeated it for me, because it was obvious I hadn't heard the first time.

    "I said," she repeated in a matter-of-fact tone, "has she tried to contact you yet?"

    I looked at Grandma, not quite believing my ears.

    “What did you say?”

    Grandma sighed. "I asked if Kitty has tried to contact you yet," she repeated yet again, in the same matter-of-fact tone as she had used to pose the question. "They do, you know."

    "Who?" I did not understand.

    "The dearly departed, if you will," she looked slightly amused. "It is quite common. If you know what to look for. And aren't afraid of the contact, of course."

    - Leena Maria / Nephilim Quest 1 / Shadowhunter / Chapter 4:  Grandma's Gift

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