Can you believe it is already October? This year is flying by!

Many of you know that I’m a slow writer (being the mom of four young kiddos, I’m lucky to get an hour or so a day to write). So, when I do release a book, it is cause for celebration!

Yesterday, book three in the paranormal/post-apocalyptic reverse harem Claiming Her Beasts series released!!! 

Early reviewers said:

  • “You won’t want to put this book down!”
  • “I am in love with Lee’s story!”
  • “I physically could not put the book down I had to know what happened next.”
  • “I loved this book!”
  • “Absolutely amazing!!!”

I hope you will download your copy of Claiming Her Beasts Book Three (free on kindle unlimited) and read it for yourself!

In celebration of the book release, Claiming Her Beasts Book One will be FREE (10/6 – 10/10) so be sure to pick up a copy of the series starter!

Additionally, I’ve partnered with some amazing authors for the Reverse Harems of the Apocalypse Giveaway! Enter now for a chance of winning 6 Post-Apocalyptic Reverse Harem paperbacks as well as a $20 amazon gift card!

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FREE Paranormal Romance (10/6-10/10)

Claiming Her Beasts Book One

I’ll do whatever it takes to support what’s left of my family. But I draw the line at accepting a drug lord’s indecent proposal. I’m not for sale. Unfortunately, the monster isn’t used to taking no for an answer. Luckily, I’ve got my sexy roommate and a dangerous shifter watching out for me. They’ll protect me from everything… except their dark desires. If I can survive these beasts, the apocalypse will be a cakewalk.

New Release: Paranormal Romance

Broken Wolf

Broken Wolf, book two in the Savage series, is full of sexy alphas, a strong heroine and thrilling adventures that will keep the pages turning late into the night! It’s set in the same world as Shadowlands Sector, with some crossover of characters. It can be read without having read the Shadowlands series first.

New Release: Urban Fantasy

Elemental Shadowed

Tessa doesn’t have much to go by if she’s going to rescue humanity. The prophecy she needs to understand is a closely guarded secret and the murals she found are giving nothing away. After barely surviving her last fight with the demons, she’s thrown into this one before she’s ready. Only, this time the demons have amassed more power and all of Atlantis is at stake... 

New Release: Fantasy Romance


I’m only here for my friend Calla, to help set up an illegal casino and save the Silver Oak’s Retirement Home... But when a magical concert changes everything, I find myself mated to three men - a cranky, domineering dragon, a world-weary vampire, and god who throws my luck out of whack every time he’s near. And none of them want to be tied down to me, the unluckiest lucky person to set foot in Silver Springs.

New Release: Paranormal Romance

Solar Mates

My whole life, I’ve been a goddess on the run—from my family, from my birthright, from my brother. Until a fateful concert in Silver Springs, when I get so angry I accidentally call on my ancient protectors and the warrior spirits body snatch some humans at the concert...Their presence puts me in all sorts of danger - the whole of the Greek pantheon would have heard that battle cry - but I can’t seem to get rid of them...

Vampire Romance

A Vampire's Soul

Grant Palmer spends his days in an expensive suit and tie, funding charitable works for his family’s Foundation. His nights are reserved for patrolling the small city of Asheville and the bordering mountainside in an effort to protect residents from rogue vampires. Why? He has his own collection of kills to atone for from his own days as a rebellious, blood thirsty killer.

Book Deal: Academy Romance

Noble Dark Academy

As demon spawn and the daughter of a siren, I can’t let anyone know who I really am. Is there anyone I can trust? I can’t trust the school’s biggest bully, one of the most dangerous bad boys, nor the two hottest brothers at Nobledark – even though I’m attracted to all of them. If I get too close, any one of them could find out I’m the heir to one of the siren queens. And that puts my life at risk...

Book Deal: Post-Apocalyptic Romance

Theirs to Protect

Nix never put his name in the marriage lottery for a reason. He doesn’t need a woman. There aren’t that many to go around anyway after a genetically engineered virus wiped out 90% of the female population... But when his name is called to be one of the five husbands to the woman rescued from the badlands, he doesn’t speak up to correct the error. Because Audrey’s like no one he’s ever met before....

Claiming Her Beasts Book Three


Her eyes flared with surprise and a glimmer of fear as I held up a sixteen-inch bowie knife. Knowing knives were one of her triggers, I expected her to freak out, but she only took a deep breath and relaxed in my arms.

She trusts me. Damn. That shouldn’t have packed such a punch, but it did.

Avi let out a warning growl, but I gave him a hard look. “I need to know if she’s part of the project.”

Avi shook his head. “She’s human,” he insisted. But there was enough uncertainty in his gaze that I knew he wouldn’t challenge what I was going to do next.

I drew the clip-pointed blade lightly over her chest.

Lee hissed in a breath of air. “Ouch.”

When the tiny cut welled with blood instead of instantly healing, Avi gave me a smug look. “I told you, she’s human.”

“Wait, you think I’m a shifter too?” Lee asked, looking confused. “I’m not. I’m totally normal.”

“There’s nothing normal about you.” I licked my thumb, intending to heal the small wound. But as I dropped my hand back to her breast, a dark part of me wanted her wearing my mark. I rubbed my thumb across her nipple instead.

It stiffened under my touch.

“More,” she begged, arching off the desk.

A violent storm of lust thundered through me. I glanced at Avi to see if he was game.

The beast growled softly, his eyes glowing with hunger.

We’ll give her more. We’ll give her everything she can take...


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