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Issue 028

Mad Mondays Issue 017
Pagan Moontide of Julius 13, Anno Domini 2020

"You are my Lord, apart from you I have no good thing." Psalm 16

Artwork:  "Relic"  Artist: jflaxman

a tragic parody of historys unfortunate rhyme

I met at protest an anti-fascist
Who said—“Toppled was that racist stone!
History's wrong side vanishes like mist,
And how, far right, the racists wail and frown!"

The wrinkled lip and sneer of cold command
such joyful liberty wrang, with passion red,
I could not help but ask the man, “My friend,
What tyrant toppled? What enemy fled?"

A glimmer, sovereign, in his eye appeared,
“I knew him not for that his name was hewn
upon the prejudical stones lain there.
And I assure you, none of it remains.

But what of yester any man? I’ve lost
no zeal for lack of knowing ‘Frederick Douglas.'

Ozymandias by P. Shelly satirized in response to the tearing down of Frederick Douglass’ statue.

In other news, it’s official, and it’s definitely in the “What on earth?” / “Oh, that’s just Fisk” category. But I’ve told you before, I’m happy to be your fool, just so long as we don’t miss the good questions that my zeal for data-mining drags up out of Us, the Chill, for the good of all.
So, here goes:

#Vision2020 I’m voting for Kanye West in 2020.

  1. I want you to talk me out of it. I really do.
  2. I’m less interested in hearing why I should vote for the orange man (I know the good reasons, and splitting the ticket is a few months away, so double check your OCD meter and bear with me half a smidgeon. [Also, be sure you are registed to vote. Instructions for each state can be found here.])
  3. I’m very interested in hearing why Trump and Kanye shouldn’t go ahead and hold national debates without Biden - because I think that would be awesome. Balls in your court El Presidente Pelosi!
  4. I’m also very interested in hearing why I should vote for Biden rather than Kanye on any policy issue. I understand that Kanye has no substantial public position on anything. Neither does Biden.
  5. I truly believe that the best thing our country can do big-picture is disrupt the two party system peaceably and via constitutional measures. This is, my opinion, my read on our last hope for preserving the bill of rights over the next few decades.
  6. Given that I authentically believe: a. black human being lives matter; and b. marxism/fascism via the witch-doctors at Planned Parenthood kill more black lives than even black-on-black city crime does, be it resolved:
  7. I’m all for an authentically Chi-town black man, a proven mogul, (and certainly not some Ivy-League, move-in-one-term congressman riding the waves of big media snobbery to sovietism and Wuhantastrophe China policies.)
  8. Kanye is the current candidate with the most potential to change the face of the global future for the better by waking up the sleeping American giant of blue-collar, God-honest black voters, the very black lives who matter so much, who have had their voices silenced for so long through bloated-pork education bureacracies, who this country was founded as a promise to: and though it is not yet fulfilled for all men, that promise stands good today: give me your cast offs, and we shall be equals.
  9. Together, we already have built an empire the likes of which the world has never seen. Kanye did rise up from the streets just to tear it all back down….

Until next time,

Be strong, and let your heart know courage.
Rev. Fisk

Quick Hits for the Eyebuds

Help Wanted:

An Iconic Manifesto

I found this amazing post on Ed’s Manifesto Instagram page. Ed Calderon used to secure the northern Mexican border, fighting the drug cartels that grip Mexico. In his first interview with Joe Rogan, Ed reveals the depth of the corruption, and it is not just an issue for Mexico.

Some of this iconography goes over my head, yet the symbols of the Death cult are unmistakable. It’s the religion of many of the drug lords.

I would love to have a similar image of me, including the dead skull behind the mask, but full of Christian symbolism. Anyone from Us, the Chill, want to take a shot?

Too awesome to cancel
Clickbait Paradise

The SCOTUS has declared that half of Oklahoma is Native American land, meaning that people belonging to five tribes "found guilty in state courts for offences committed on the land at issue can now challenge their convictions.” This is troubling, especially given that the man bringing the case is a convicted rapist. He maintains only a federal court should be able to prosecute him. For more discussion on this ruling, listen to Rev Fisk and Adam Koontz from last week’s SMChill.

Words can never hurt you

Researchers have identified almost 90 words that can trigger Alexa to begin recording. Words are also triggering people, with Twitter dropping a number of problematic words from it code and official documents. It’s a good thing that the English language has so many words as there won’t be many left when the Progressives remove all the ones they don’t like. 

Hasbro has been busy banning “slurs" from the officially accepted list for Scrabble. Any word that has three “e’s” in it is probably not one most people are in danger of using by accident...

The heat is on. Or not.

A 12 year-old girl from North Carolina has invented a system to prevent toddlers from dying in hot cars. Sony has launched a wearable personal air conditioner that can cool the wearer’s body by 23 °F (13 °C). 

To warming of a global kind, Michael Shellenberger has been in the spotlight in recent weeks. He was previously a dyed-in-the-wool climate activist, who fought for socialist causes in Nicaragua, was a Time Magazine “Hero of the Environment” and helped to guide the Obama administration to invest $90bn into renewable energy. 

But that was then and this is now. Shellenberger began to take a more dispassionate look at climate data after speaking to his teenage daughter. He realised how fearmongering by climate alarmists was making everyone feel hopeless about the future with no evidence. He wrote last week, apologising for his part in the “climate scare” and also had an informative conversation with Ben Domenech on The Federalist Radio Hour podcast.

If you are looking for a voice that is not endorsing the prevailing narrative, you can follow him on Twitter, at least for now! He has concluded that global warming is not as big a problem as it is made out to be and that it will not bring about the end of the world nor human extinction. Mad Christians could have told him that.

Speaking of extinction, the California condor has been spotted for the first time in fifty years. The birds, thought to have disappeared have been seen in Sequoia National Park. Another critter highlighted recently is the horseshoe crab. The blue blood of this curious creature provides a key element for COVID vaccines. But National Geographic reports that the demand for crab blood is putting pressure on a a whole ecosystem. 

Support Mad Christianity

Immunity is a thing

A few weeks ago, we mentioned we were on the search for the truth about coronavirus. This article from Medium came to Rev Fisk's attention and raises some interesting questions, regarding the information itself but also the nature of scientific "fact" in this moment.

The writer claims that Sars-CoV-2 is so similar to other coronaviruses that it can't really be described as "novel". He goes on to argue that people with no contact with this virus nevertheless had immunity to it, therefore COVID is not as big a threat as first thought. He outlines how testing has skewed the recording of new cases as tests "come back positive as long as there are tiny shattered parts of the virus left...even if the infectious viruses are long dead." He call for fearmongering to stop. 

There seems to be a consistent task laid out for us - praying for wisdom, using discernment and waiting patiently when dealing with news.  Here we have a case of a Swiss immunologist speaking frankly about things he got wrong but also drawing conclusions quite counter to what is reported in the media. 

Truth is not a matter of consensus, nor of popularity. Credentialed "experts" can conclude falsely (one scientist referred to in this article was reported to have predicted deaths from COVID to reach no more than 10 000) while inexperienced "nobodies" can bring truth to light.  

So we bring this to you as a piece of information to "keep in your back pocket". There are significant ramifications for Mr Stadler's essay, so we'll keep an eye on this story.

And finally..

...a couple of long reads that caught our eye this week

🇺🇸 "America Exports Cancel Culture to the World" : Humans have always been good at “cancelling” those they don’t like, but this is something to consider. The writer suggests that people are not evaluating evidence with reason, but rather "checking the prestige of the source” and that they  decide "whether to believe something...through social proof. That is, how many of their peers believe it."

✝️ Elizabeth Bruenig of the New York Times tweeted last month about the shifting goalposts of "woke” culture: "There's just something unsustainable about an environment that demands constant atonement but actively disdains the very idea of forgiveness.” She has pinpointed something deeply troubling about the nature of the secular progressive “religion”. 

It is a religion of self-justification and as this piece from The Federalist explains, those who try to appease the demands will be disappointed. There is Law but no Gospel. Repentance is required but the comfort of absolution never comes. The writer concludes “we know Jesus Christ offers a much better way."

Only Illuminati Need Apply
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🔍 A crime a day: This Twitter account tries to track every federal crime

🗺️ Getting intentional: A strange new app directs people to random coordinates, encouraging them to document what they find 

🗳️ Professor Bret Weinstein's plan to shake up the 2-party system is getting some coverage

⭕ Perfectly imperfect: The Google "G" is not a perfect circle, which makes it good design

🎓 Wondering out loud: founder of The Hustle asks what percentage of universities will be left in 5 years

📱 Apple wants to replace your passport and license

📺 Starring you: mmhmm allows you to make your own SNL Weekend Update-style videos

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In the end, it's all Dust anyway:
Creative Meanderings in the Fictional Mind of Jonathan Fisk

There were two men.

They stood in hushed counsel beneath a breezy grotto’s overhung shade on a suburban afternoon.

This tucked away garden, like countless others, held an inner circle of some gravity: set stones and swept earth, at the heart of which blossomed a stone pillar, benevolently molded into the pious, if simplicate, depiction of a woman rejoicing in her evenpsalms, hands upturned in pursuit of a nurtured return in kind.

Worship of the pardoned whore remained a happy blight, not only on Israel 13 but throughout the solarium, a technical violation of the Eldarlvite Inscriptions and Statutes. But enforcement of such hair-split novelties long ago dissolved along with all the ancient arguments in their favor. So it came to pass that the subtle persistence of these cultish, pantheistic hideaways, scuttled everywhere among the strictly monotheistic Hebrite Solarium of the Infinite Genesis, was not so much an hypocrisy as the prejudicial combination of time and acclimation.

No one even remembered the whore, or the story that made her patroness of all hopers and sojourners, much less why her most devoted followers call her the mother of all gods. But hopers and sojourners there are aplenty. And so it came to pass that whoreshrines were the most normal and boring part of Hebrite life.

Institutional nuance aside, these arboritums peppered every community in the solarium and beyond. In his entire life, only Hebrites on diasporia ever dwelt more than a sabbath’s walk from these sacred circles of life, repair, reflection, and, as some plots might gesture, private converse. No matter the neighborhood, from the promenades of highest Zion Ultima on Israel Prime, to the tabernacling jubileers in the jungle farms beyond the last walls of Israel 13, the whoreshrines were common, fractal, and safe.

Mattering most, as mentioned only momentarily past, yet fleeted quickly away beneath an onslaught of world-building minutia, yet which dearly must pass your important consideration, and so must be mentioned again, is that it is not in all, save only in but one of these infinite hideaways, within its solitary yet boringly particular conglomeration of branches and vines in balmy sway, with the autumn light of three suns an august warmth among the shivering, golden greens, I tell you true as the news, that two men stood talking.

Now, “Slow down there hero!”, you are likely saying to yourself, and believe me, I understand.

Who would not not be hung up on the odd evening-and-then-even-twaining to thricing (but not dicing) the ordering of the lights in the heavens among Israel 13’s solar clustering?

While such may well be a question of pure reliquary to the less seasoned sci-fi fan, the challenge is that it is a fine line between providing enough explanations to what appear randomly generated fantastic things that you must believe with curiosity in order for my song to succeed, and waning my paragraphs yawnsome with exaggerated defenses to buttress your suspended belief in my song, as if you needed to do battle against all the worst criticisms in my own head.  But do not children thrive most on pleasant seriousnesses?

So it is that it required the light of all three of these stars to grace Israel 13 with the cumulative type-M gaian embrace humans need to survive. Without them there would be nothing “M” about the endless chill that would have cursed the planet to the status of giant mining asteroid. But as it is, two of these suns are what we might otherwise call daystars. Blazing, micro-balls of hyper light, the two brothers ever race their courses in the sky, now alongside the sovereign as in the summer years, now stretched thin to the long, both ahead and behind as the darkless, longwinter nights comes.

Such things as the oddly uneven annuals of a three-sunned planet are the handicaps attendant man’s late entry to the Galacticum. Several millennia since joining the starborn, humanity’s successes have greatly, greatly exceeded the higher sentients’ typically cynical expectations. But not nearly so much as scoot to the front of the breadline and overcome the systemic-regulatory stasis of imperial politics, terraforming regulations, still more fees, and the extensive demand for the filling out of forms, many more forms.

True, Hebrites were not the only human tribe with such trials. Even on the verge of Great House status, no Sons of Noah could afford to be a chooser. Not even a King!

And, thus, Richard’s long absence.

And, thus, our two less than merry men, standing, in discourse.

Let us pray: We give thanks to You, almighty God, that You have refreshed us through this salutary gift, and we implore You that of Your mercy You would strengthen us through the same in faith toward You and in fervent love toward one another; through Jesus Christ, Your Son, our Lord, who lives and reigns with You and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever. Amen.