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Hi there!

How has your week been, champ? Mine has been very quiet, but that is just fine with me. I like quiet. Quiet is my jam.

Also? I found out that When Life Is Not Peachy is coming out in the UK very soon, so if you live in that neck of the woods, you can make it your friend, if you'd like to!

This week's Friday Night Lights is packed with helpful and interesting and bolstering things. Let's do this!

x Pip 

PS: I hope you are managing okay.

PPS: If you have any ideas for future editions of Friday Night Lights, send them my way! 

Last Tango In Halifax, Enola Holmes +  The Salisbury Poisonings

1/ I'm a sucker for anything with Nicola Walker in it. The latest season of the very comforting Last Tango In Halifax is up on iView now and it features not only Nicola but our beloved Sarah Lancashire.

2/ Millie Bobby Brown as Sherlock Holmes' sister? I am SO IN. On Netflix now. Trailer here.

3/ Lickety split the BBC made the Salisbury poisonings into a drama. It's on SBS now and it's on my weekend watch list. Trailer here.

Dream Polly Pockets

Someone reimagined a bunch of fictional on-screen homes as Polly Pockets. This is the Wes Anderson's Grand Budapest Hotel one. There's also Stranger Things, Friends and more!

You can read the full story here.

Joan Didion, mistress of the perfect photo caption

Editor Allene Talmey would ask Didion to write a caption of three or four hundred words, and then together they would cut it down to fifty. “We wrote long and published short and by doing that Joan learned to write.” Read on here.

There's safety in a bowl of spaghetti

I wrote a PROPER feature article about eating during the pandemic for uni. It turned out pretty great!  Read on here.

How planning can help you deal with depression

And let's face it, many of us are living with even more frequent bouts of depression right now. Read more here.

Fancy a breezy little boost?

This gorgeous Mary Oliver poem is likely to do the trick. Read more here.

Sustainable Gifting

This gorgeous book by Michelle Mackintosh just landed on my doorstep and it's every bit as wonderful as you'd expect it to be.  What a clever cookie!

Find out more +


This beautiful book about Afghan food went straight to my wishlist when I spied it. It's due out on 29th September. Let's all buy it and make delish snacks!

Find out more +

This looks like the perfect thing for Melbourne's current rainy and chilly weather. Or for any weather, really! 

The Best Vegetarian Lasagna

Learn to make Japanese Milk Bread

Just in case you need a break from the sourdough! Grab the recipe here.

Too tired to cook? Pizza Camp saves the day

I'll take one Hawaiian and one Margherita, please! More here.

How about potato, pepper and courgette curry?

A bowl of this and a handful of flatbread and everything will be peachy (for a moment at least!) Recipe here.

Whip up a Thai omelette

This Khai Jiao looks like the perfect breakfast to me! Spicy and comforting and crispy too. Recipe here.

I love a satin eiderdown

More dahlias this week, this time in the form of an old fashioned slippery eiderdown. Swoon. More here.

London's skinniest house is for sale

Gosh it's so kooky. Apparently it used to be a hat shop, but now it's a very thin home with quite a sizeable garden. More here.

Bang On

What could be better than Myf and Zan chatting about pop culture and the like? NUFFINK! More here.

Walking is the Way To Go Slow

Hurry Slowly on the benefits and brilliance of walking ... slowly. Listen here.

The perfect puzzle

Of course we need this Women's March jigsaw puzzle. More here.

How sewing can de-stress us

I loved this story from Whipstitch. - "The body needs a way to recover and heal the physical and emotional effects of cortisol on the brain." 

More here.

A new playlist for you

Listen now

Maybe you'd like to make ricotta? I think it's a good idea, to be honest.

Some reminders that it's okay to feel wonky (and ideas on what to do about it, if it's worrying you.)

Jacinta Parsons

Amid the chaos, a reminder of the value of friendship.

Philippa Moore

Write every damn day (a la Julia Cameron.)

The National Trust

Everyone needs nature.

Anne-Laure Le Cunff

How negative experiences cloud our judgement.

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