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Witnessing the Past

Personal, Ancestral, Societal

As the seasons change I see a lot of clients coming in talking about cycles and endings and more change. I feel this in myself as well. The election is over and the transitions are beginning. Covid numbers are rising as we head into the holiday season and the way many of us have celebrated in the past needs to shift to keep our loved ones safe. 

Many of us are thinking about traditions and family and where some of those family traditions came from. Evaluating what is really important, and how do we refine our practices to honor that. Is it the Turkey or the family conversations that are important? The hug or the connection? (and it can be both or none...) 

As we think and sometimes stress over this our ancestors are being activated to help us. Sometimes that feels like a warm and loving support and other times a long list of shoulds and judgements. Sometimes just swirling confusion and unease.

When the presence isn't kind or there are multiple "voices" in our heads telling us what to do it may be helpful to think about ancestral healing. In a perfect world our loved ones receive any healing they need and move to the ancestral realm when their physical bodies pass and can guide us from there. Without the pains and limitations of their lived experience. Sometimes they need a helping hand to move to that place. 

There is also a lot of collective energy in the air around staying at home, Covid, elections, and the coming winter. Taking a look at, and possibly strengthening, our personal energetic boundaries can give us a calm safe place in the swirling energies. 

Taking care of ourselves in this charged atmosphere is important. Making sure we take the time for our personal self care rituals is more important than ever. The bath or walk or light novel or movie aren't frivolous.

If you would like help with your boundaries or suspect you have some unwell ancestors hanging out with you that could use some assistance, I would love to do that with you. You can book a session with me below.

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Upcoming classes

How do our spaces effect our bodies?

Have you ever wondered if your physical space effects how you feel? Are there energies in your home that belong there, energies that don't? Can they help us or cause problems?

The answer is actually yes to all of those questions.

There are a lot of things in our environments that many people are not aware of. Some of them belong there and we can partner with them, and some of them need help moving elsewhere.

We'll talk about what is common and some techniques to address what may not be helpful.

Basic journey skills are required.

Join me for a Zoom workshop on how our spaces effect our physicality on December 12th at 9 am Pacific time.

Meet and Greet with the Helping Spirits

Your helping spirits and guides would like to meet you!

It's very common for clients to ask me who their helping spirits or guides are, and I am happy to ask my guides for them. The best way to really know and start working with them for yourself is to actually meet them yourself.

I am going to talk about common types of guides and cosmologies and we are going to do a series of journeys for you to meet and start forming a relationship with several new guides.

This is an experiential class.

Basic journey skills are required.

Join me for a Zoom workshop meeting more helping spirits on January 23rd at 9 am Pacific.

Energetic Boundaries

Energetic Boundaries are an important element of self care.

Those of us that are sensitive to the energies around us are highly effected by other people's emotions or what happened in a space before we got there.

Learning how to not pick up, or get pushed around by, the collective energies is an important part of keeping our sovereignty. It helps ensure that our actions are actually in our best interests.

Join me for a Zoom workshop on boundaries February 27th at 9am Pacific time.

Let's Talk Curses!

Have you ever wondered if you are cursed or are cursing other people?

Curses are really common in our world and a lot of people in western cultures don't believe in them anymore.

To successfully talk about curses and what to do about them we need to understand what they are and how they work.

Join me for a Zoom workshop on curses March 20th at 9am Pacific time.


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