Five Black deaths in custody since June is a national emergency

[supplied by NATSILS]

NATSILS is calling for urgent national leadership and action, with the devastating news of Aunty Sherry Fisher’s death in custody last week.

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New app to help curb Indigenous ice use

[supplied by UQ]

The We Can Do This app was developed by University of Queensland and South Australian medical researchers, with input from Aboriginal people who have previously used ice.

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Tasmanian cider gum ferment a drink that shaped Australia

[Rachel Edwards, ABC]

Wayalinah, a drink made from the sap of the Tasmanian cider gum and fermented by Aboriginal people for thousands of years, has been called "a drink that shaped Australia" by one of the country's top wine writers.

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BHP gives evidence at Juukan Gorge inquiry

[Karen Michelmore, ABC]

The WA Government granted approval to destroy dozens of sites just days after Rio Tinto destroyed 46,000-year-old rock shelters at Juukan Gorge in the Pilbara.

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