Viva Las Vegas.

I told a story a few weeks back about my ex-brother in law Vinnie meeting Al Lewis (Munsters Grandpa) in a Salt Lake City laundromat.

I've got another one, about his younger brother (Vinnie's not Al) working in Las Vegas as a bug exterminator.


A musician and poet.

Chris D'Errico is a poet, painter and musician who has done everything, a lot like his older brother. He and his wife moved out to Las Vegas about 20 years ago. Chris at first took a quick inventory of what jobs there were to be had in Vegas, thinking Pit Boss was a pretty plum position (you dress nice, show up for short hours, and basically keep an eye on things that are pretty much on auto-pilot). Yet being a creative person of course he was tasked with the occasional odd job here and there as they came along.


So he was a Pest Control Service Engineer for a while. Las Vegas no doubt has its share of little creatures that seek out quiet shaded areas with lots of food... like under kitchen counters.

One day Chris had to drive out to this big spread. The people there at this mansion were throwing a party later that evening and wanted to get the house ready early. He got up there, got out his equipment and diligently stuck his head under the kitchen sink to spray some solution into the cracks.


"Hey, fella..."

Chris he hears this loud guy enter the room, chatting to the handful of people there, cracking jokes. He pays him no mind and keeps on spraying under the cabinet. Suddenly, a finger thumps him on his back. "Hey, fella..." he hears. Chris sticks his head out and looks up.

It's Tony Curtis.

Tony gestures under his armpits. "Spray under here."

(Happy Thanksgiving)

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