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Charter Renewal Begins Today!

The information listed below is to assist the person responsible for completing the charter renewal process for your unit. Additional information is also available at your district's November Roundtable and on the Mayflower Council website  If you cannot attend your district’s Roundtable, please contact your unit commissioner or district executive for assistance.

To access the Unit Charter Renewal System (UCRS)

1. Go to:

2. On the page scroll down to Internet Rechartering links and select the appropriate button

You will need to use your access code in order to renew your charter. Please review the information below. Confirm your unit, your district, and sponsoring organization. If you have any questions, please reach out to your unit commissioner or district executive for assistance.

Sponsoring Organization:
Access Code/Unit:

Please be advised that the online renewal portal will be open beginning October 1. You may view your charters, make changes, etc. but will not have the ability to process payment online until November 1, 2020.

Required Documents to Complete the Unit Charter Renewal
  • All pages of the Unit Charter Renewal Report Package (no draft or EZ copies).
  • Completed BSA adult or youth applications for everyone listed as “new” on page one of the Charter Renewal Report Package.
  • Signed and dated copies of the Additional Disclosures and Authorization form for all new adults on the charter.
  • Completed and signed CORI form and copy of photo ID for all new adults on the charter.
  • Youth Protection Training Certificates for all new adults on the charter - YPT is available online at You must have the latest version of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer (v11).
  • Please bring your Charter Renewal Application package to a district Recharter Workshop & Turn-In opportunity for payment of registration, insurance and activity fees for your unit’s 2021 renewal. The final paperwork must include appropriate signatures on all individual adult and youth applications and on the Charter Renewal Application. (The lack of appropriate signatures will delay processing of your charter renewal)
  • Please confirm that every adult leader has current Youth Protection Training before turning in the final renewal paperwork. Youth Protection Training is required for all adult leaders and must be completed every two years.
  • Registration fees have increased. 
  • Boys’ Life fees are $12.00 per person per year.
  • Executive officers, Tiger Adult Partners and Lion Parents do not pay any fees – nor do adult leaders that have paid registration in other active units.
Youth Protection Training is required for all adults

Please confirm that every adult leader has current YPT before turning in the final renewal paperwork. Youth Protection Training is mandatory and is required for all adult leaders and must be completed every two years.

Additional Helpful Recharter Tips

91U – Unit College Scouter Reserve & 92U – Unit Scouter Reserve

These 2 positions should be used to register people who want to maintain their BSA registration but are NOT actively working with your unit currently. They must take Youth Protection Training but are otherwise not required to take any training to be considered trained. These are good options for college age ASMs 91U) or past leaders who just want to stay registered, but do not interact with the youth on a regular basis.

New Member Coordinator

Sustaining strong membership in a unit depends not only on having new members join the unit but also on engaging youth and their families in the unit experiences so that they feel Welcomed and want to stay. The role of the New Member Coordinator is to ensure that both keys to success take place. Click here to learn more.

Venturing Participants – Aged 18 to 21

Venturers can be participants until they are 21 years old. However, Crews must have these 18, 19 & 20 year-old members fill out adult applications, CORI forms and provide photo ID and a copy of their Youth Protection Training certificate. The code for the application is VP – Venturing Participant.

Youth Activity Fee

Please keep in mind that the 2020 Youth Activity fees will also be collected at recharter time. This $36 per youth member fee is due for all youth members including Lions, 18 - 21 year old Venturing participants, and Exploring participants..

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