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Can you believe it is March already? Wasn't it last week when we were celebrating the Christmas holidays? No? Time flies, and especially when it comes to watching children grow.

You've all seen pictures of the Twinadoes, my rambunctious but truly entertaining six-year-old twin grandsons, but I ran across this picture recently and just had to share it. It doesn't seem that long ago that they looked like this!

Two Weeks to Release Day

Speaking of time flying by, in two weeks A Lady's Trust, the second book in my Rose Room Rogues series, will release at all retailers.

This is what early readers have to say about the book:


“Another great read from Callie.” -Goodreads review

“It’s the second in the series and it just keeps getting better.” -Goodreads review

“(A) wild adventure these two take you on.” -Goodreads review

“I would recommend this book to lovers of regency romance.” – BookBub review

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Driscoll Rose and his two brothers own and run The Rose Room, a well-known and profitable gaming club in London. Unknown to those who visit and spend their money there, the brothers also work for the Crown in a position that is only known to a mysterious man at the Home Office.

Miss Amelia Pence is on the run from her step-brother who has nefarious plans for her. Late one rainy night she crawls into Driscoll’s office window and falls at his feet. Intrigued by the woman, he offers her a job as the only female dealer in the Rose Room.

Amelia is secretive about who she is, and where she lives since she can trust no one, much to Driscoll’s frustration. The growing attraction between them and his desire for her is causing him to dismiss the fact that crowds of gamblers swarm her table each evening, but the profits she turns in are not what they should be.

Can Driscoll convince Amelia to trust him with her secrets or will he discover a deception that contradicts everything he believes about her in his heart?

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Read the Chapters 1-3 from 'A Lady's Trust'

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Free Western Historical Box Set

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In 1877, at the height of craziness in Dodge City, Kansas, four women sit in jail, awaiting their fate. The marshal has no idea what to do with them, and certainly can’t let them back out on the streets. Too dangerous.

He tells the women they have two choices. They can either join a wagon train headed to Santa Fe, New Mexico as mail order brides, or be sent to the state prison. When the women agree to his plan, he hires a brothel owner whose business just burned to the ground to chaperone the ladies on the wagon train.

A brothel owner as a chaperone? There’s bound to be trouble for Adelaide, Cinnamon, Becky and Miranda with Miss Nellie in charge.

Read all four books in this box set.

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Reader Appreciation Giveaway

Each month I ask a question and offer a $25 Amazon gift card to one randomly selected responder.

This month's question: What other historical romance author would you say my books are comparable to?

CLICK HERE to comment with your answer. The winner will be announced April 1.

Congratulations to M. Cassidy, February's gift card winner!

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