Define appropriate and inappropriate workplace behaviour in your organization and prevent sexual harassment.
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Appropriate vs Inappropriate Workplace Behaviour

In our workshops, we often get asked this question repeatedly - what is right & what is wrong? What can I do and what should I not?

For instance, would staring amount to workplace sexual harassment? If it makes someone uncomfortable, then yes!

How about stalking or unwelcome texts? Inappropriate

And socializing outside of work with consent? Appropriate

It is crucial for each one of us to know where to draw the line. Watch the video & share with your friends & colleagues!

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Working In A Harassment-Free Environment Is Not A Perk, It’s Your Right!

Some organizations require their employees to professionally present themselves at all times. Whereas others create friendly work relations between the employees and the management.
But besides the company culture, an organization must define the thin line between appropriate and inappropriate workplace behavior.

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Industry Insights

Antony Alex, CEO

The line between complimenting and harassing a colleague is a thin one. We are dealing with the workplace after all. The liberties that one may take with friends or acquaintances, may be totally inappropriate if taken with co-workers or at the workplace. Why? Because while one has the option to not interact or even discontinue a friendship if the behavior is inappropriate, the same option doesn’t exist at the workplace – unless the policy or the Law, prohibits inappropriate behavior at the workplace.

So that raises the question most people often ask – should I not compliment a colleague at the workplace? My favorite response is – You absolutely should compliment your colleagues. Compliment your colleague’s skills, hard work, attitude, aptitude etc. You can never go wrong with it. It leads to a far more collegial and productive work environment than complimenting them on how they are dressed.

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The PoSH Law requires employers to conspicuously display and share Anti-Sexual Harassment posters in employee break rooms or other common areas.

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Antony Alex On Fighting Workplace Sexual Harassment

Rainmaker has been working towards the prevention of sexual harassment in Indian organizations for years now. 

Hear what CEO, Antony Alex has to say about the current situation of working women in India and how anti-sexual harassment training can help in the prevention of sexual harassment.

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United, We Soar: Women Leaders and Professionals on how Women can Help each Other Succeed at the Workplace

Vasuki Sunkavalli, Co-founder and Director of Rainmaker says, “Mentoring is a very effective tool with which women can help other women succeed, and acknowledging and appreciating the work of a female colleague can help her get recognition.”

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IBA Webinar
#MeToo and the Key Takeaways for Employers

Antony Alex, CEO, Rainmaker to speak at the IBA Webinar 2019. Register now book your place now for the largest and most prestigious networking event for international lawyers. 

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When - 24 April 2019, 5:30-6:30 PM IST

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