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I feel seen, haha.

Nothing too big this week, lovelies! I'm slowly typing away at Seth and Lilah and trying to reorganize the rest of my year since this six month decade has been ROUGH on the old brain matter. I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy!


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Outfoxed: A Werewolf and Raven Shifter Romance (The Protectors Quick Bites Book 5)

Fight or flight, she’ll choose flight every time.

Ravens are supposed to be intelligent, secretive, and high in creep-factor. Not to mention the whole loving shiny objects thing. 

Madison didn’t get her PhD based on physical prowess. She can’t speak much for the rest. 

She likes quiet. She likes order. She likes everything he’s not. 

But when he runs into the darkness, she follows. She can’t turn away.

Maybe she's lost her mind. Or maybe finding your mate means sometimes you can’t turn tail and fly away. For love, you have to fight. 

Quick Bites are stand alone stories you can devour in a flash. Expect short, steamy shifter romance, edge-of-your-seat action, scorching love scenes, and a happily ever after.


Coven of Lies (The Bayshore Witch Legacy Book 2)

A crumbling partnership. A fickle magic. A vicious killer.

With one witch already dead and her sister missing, Roxy Cole is hellbent on finding the killer stalking the Bayshore coven. But keeping the coven safe and finding the twisted killer is proving more than dangerous, especially when Roxy's tentative alliance with Ray Hammond is crumbling fast.

Worse than that, Roxy can't seem to escape her grandmother's looming prophecy that six more witches are going to die if Roxy keeps searching for Kat. She can't just let her baby sister go, and is desperate to find a way to beat the odds and see her sister home safe without losing more witches in the process.

She knows only one thing can save them all: her magic. But she turned her back on that path a long time ago, and now--when she needs it most--her magic is playing hard to get. She'll have to find a way to tap into it, even if it means strengthening the darkness that was born when she made the biggest mistake of her life. If she fails to fully embrace her gifts, she will lose her sister and the other witches to a gruesome death, and she will never be able to live with herself.

Fans of L. J. Smith and Patricia Briggs will devour the second spellbinding, suspenseful installment of the Bayshore Witch Legacy series by USA Today Bestselling Author C. J. Beaumont.

One-click today to continue Roxy and Ray's heart-stopping race against time and dark forces beyond their control.


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