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The weather has turned cold in my neck of the woods and all I can say's perfect weather for reading. So stay indoors and read a book or two. ;-)

I've started getting feedback from my ARC readers on Vampire Lover, releasing this February 7th, and I could not be happier. Terrence is my first Vampire hero and I was wary of how readers would receive him given he's not the typical Vampire. In my stories, Vampires are not undead or cursed, rather they are the result of a mutation which gives them the ability to live seemingly forever, untold strengths, and a thirst for blood. I do plan on adding more Vampire heroes to my Grazi Kelly Universe, and I can't wait to read your reviews of this story!

Don't forget my two upcoming anthologies Hearts & Bite Marks and Dark Moon Falls Volume 2. Both feature new Wolf heroes that I think you will enjoy.

And did you see my new Falk Clan covers? Please let me know how you like them with a comment or message <3

It's back to my writing cave for now, but I'll see you in your inbox next week with more news and maybe an exclusive tidbit or two.

Check out the books I've gathered below and add them to your TBR pile, you now you want to ;-)

Happy Reading.

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Hearts & Bite Marks: A Valentine's Anthology

Unedited Excerpt from my contribution to DMF2: Foster by C.D. Gorri

He didn’t have an appetite when he’d walked in, but now that he had Elias’ approval, the large order Delight had placed on his account made his stomach rumble.

“Thanks,” he muttered and stood up, taking a fifty-dollar bill from his wallet and leaving it on the table.

As he turned to walk to the counter to wait for his food he felt a little whirlwind run and slam right into his legs. He cursed under his breath and turned to looked down at whatever it was that had run into him.

Anger turned to confusion when he saw a three foot tall hurricane sitting on the floor, mouth wide open while a set of big blue eyes practically rolled backwards trying to look at all of him.

“You’re a giant!” The little girl squealed then clapped her chubby little hands happily.

Foster frowned. He had no idea how old the kid or how he was supposed to react to her exclamation. Not having had much experience with children, he continued to frown down at her.

“Skylar! Why did you run off like that, sweetie?” A curvy young woman with dark hair and a backpack slung over her shoulder squatted down to lift up the little girl who was suddenly trembling and biting her lip.

“You’re okay now, dumpling,” the woman, obviously the girls mother smiled down at the child and Foster’s heart began a rapid tattoo in his chest.

He felt his Wolf press against his skin, the animal wanting closer to the pretty stranger who smelled like apple blossoms. Fresh and clean with a hint of something sweet. She turned her eyes on him and he recognized the same brilliant blue as the little girl. This was obviously her mother. Shit. That meant Daddy was probably somewhere close and here he was trying not to drool over her.

“What did you think you were doing growling at her like that? Haven’t you ever seen a little girl before?”

Her anger hit him like thousand stinging needles. He blinked against her sudden sharp fury. He didn’t like that. Not one bit.

He wanted her to smile again the way she had at her child. No wait. Sniff. Not child, pup. The kid was a Wolf like him or she would be in a few more years when she came into her fur.

“Sorry ma’am,” he said in a low voice deep with his Wolf. Fuck, at least he finally remembered his manners.

“Come on, Skylar,” she ignored him and walked out with the pup in her arms, pert ass swinging as she carried her pup quickly away from him.

Skylar, as he’d gathered was her name, waved bye to him with a big smile on her tiny face. He frowned back at her which seemed to only encourage her to wave harder. Finally, he lifted a hand in return.

“Well, now, that is a little cutie right there,” said a booming voice next to him.

He turned to see Delight had arrived with his takeout bag. She was waving bye to the pup as well and Foster felt foolish for being caught doing something so out of character.

“Uh, yeah,” he said and took the bag, “Thanks.”

“You’re welcome. See ya ‘round.”

Foster nodded and headed out the door. Pushing the mother and daughter out of his head, he plugged the address of the cabin he’d be staying at from the text Marcus Long had sent him, into his GPS.

He would likely never see the little family again. Good thing too. He wasn’t in Dark Moon Falls for anything other than clearing his name and allowing his Wolf time to heal.

That was all.

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