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Toby Sinclair
Executive Director Strategy and Transformation | Leadership Coach | Agile Coach | Product Coach | Conference Speaker
Micro-Learning 🧠

New Buzzword? Or Future of Learning?

Personally, I'm a big fan! 🚀

This is learning in small chunks from 5 - 30mins.

Why does it work?

✅ It encourages action. Building small habits.
✅ Leads to less overwhelm.
✅ Better content. Sharing ideas concisely takes effort.

There are micro-learning opportunities everywhere.

Here are three ways I do micro-learning:

📚 Book Summaries Blinkist, Four Minute Books
💡 Daily Management Tips BUNCH
🎙️ Podcasts Tim Ferriss Reid Hoffman Adam Grant

What are your favourite micro-learning approaches?

Thanks Cathy Andersonfor inspiration

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