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As I mentioned last time, Paul and I went to Monterey for our anniversary. The Jabberwok Inn was delightful. The landscape and setting were both lovely, and the inn, which was built at the turn of the last century, was gorgeous and inviting. Exploring it was an adventure with a hint “Alice” (as in author Lewis Carroll’s poems). And our view of the bay…well, see the photo below.

The Jabberwok is was a true B&B, and our breakfast on the wrap-around sun porch was delicious. I’m including the recipe below, too. So yummy!

Best of all, the inn was in walking distance to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. We hadn’t visited in several years so everything seemed fresh and new to us. The historical display of the canneries' heyday was eye-opening (and a little disturbing—they literally fished the place dry). My youngest granddaughter asked me to send her photo of a shark. No problem. The sharks were most accommodating.

We found the “jellies” mesmerizing.

But, alas, the new exhibit: INTO THE DEEP, which is amazing didn’t lend itself to cell-phone photography. But I highly recommend it, and I applaud the scientists who explore this hidden world. You’re just going to have to visit…or check it out here.

Now, it’s NOVEMBER—the second busiest month of the year for me.😉 I’ll be sharing 4 newsletters this month: today, 11/10, 11/17, and 11/29.

Next week’s newsletter will include photos from our “Scorpio Birthday Trip.” Our travel buddies, Fred and Colleen, and I all have November birthdays. So, Convict Lake, here we come. We love the East Side in late fall, and hope to visit the White Mountains to check on the bristlecone pines (some of the oldest trees in the world).

And I’ll be sharing some awesome books for your holiday reading pleasure in these newsletters, too, including my new box set:

IT’S NEVER THE MISTLETOE - six small-town, heartwarming, holiday favorites with a bonus gift from author Debra Salonen.

Ask anybody and they’ll tell you, it’s never the mistletoe that brings people together—it’s what’s in your heart.

The six holiday stories in this box set cross the spectrum from friends-to-lovers to enemies-to-lovers, but both address the question: how far would you go for the sake of a child/twins? An Opposites Attract story connects a recluse with a publicist—polar opposites who find common ground in a copper bathtub beside a roaring fireplace. A second chance reunion gives a runaway groom a do-over with the love of his life. A later-in-life romance will certainly resonate with readers who are ready to downsize the holidays. And a reunion novella connects two people who met as children and never forgot that magical connection.

As a gift, read the touching short story: A HUNDRED YEARS OR MORE. Keep a hanky handy.


THE RANCHER’S AND THE WIDOW’S FIRST CHRISTMAS: “The Rancher’s and the Widow’s First Christmas is a sweet, emotion packed, heartwarming, inspirational, small-town romance. You will probably need tissues as Sam and Jenny try to make sense of a world without Josh. This well written book will keep you engaged while tugging your heartstrings. I could not put it down!”

CALEB’S CHRISTMAS WISH: “This is a story of loss, grieving, and life changing events. 4 year old Caleb's parents are killed in an accident and his Godparents who have never met have been called in to take responsibility for him and help him through a difficult time. Add an ill Grandmother who recently lost her husband and now her child and is now worried that she will lose the only link (Caleb) to both. Very well written, emotional and thought provoking. Totally enjoyed this book.”

BLACK HILLS SECRET SANTA: “This was a witty and touching story. Rufus has a great sense of humor for a reclusive yeti-man. Rachel was wonderful in how she struggled with discovering her true self - out from under her controlling mother and cheating ex. All of the secondary characters added to the story and made me wish that Sentinel Pass was a real town I could visit - or move to.”

CHRISTMAS FOR THE WIN: “Brilliantly written and loaded with large family connections, A… tear-worthy, feel-good story with compelling characters! The suspense is palpable and romance is sweet. A little psychic magic really adds to the mix!”

HER CHRISTMAS ANGEL – “This quick read packs the magic that is Christmas. Love, Kindness, Faith, and Generosity are showcased. How a simple gift touches another person and made such a big impact on both parties.”

JUDY DOES CHRISTMAS – “Debra knocked it out of the park with Judy Banger and how she feels about Christmas. Women of any age can appreciate and relate to Judy, especially those of us who are over 50, overweight, and a bit insecure. This book will keep you laughing, crying, and laughing again to the very end. I love Judy Banger and what she's taught me. She is courage in a slightly overweight form. You will want to read this one a couple of times.’

Live on Amazon for just $2.99 (or read for Free if you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited.) This box set includes a free gift---my sweet, poignant short story: A HUNDRED YEARS OR MORE (keep the hanky handy).


My dear friend Jean Brashear has a new holiday box set out, too. I can’t wait to read it and I know you’ll love it. Here’s what #1 New York Times bestselling author Debbie Macomber says about Jean: "Jean Brashear's distinctive storytelling voice instantly draws in the reader. She writes with warmth and emotional truth.”

Come home for the holidays to Sweetgrass Springs, the small town where hope never fades and love never dies. Four heartwarming Christmas romance novels in one bundle, stories of finding family and finding home.

Texas Christmas Bride

The rebel has come back to town, and the only gift he wants this Christmas is the girl he thought he’d lost forever.

Be Mine This Christmas

The famous and successful man he’s become is not the boy she loved so deeply—and he may never forgive her, once he knows the secret she’s been concealing.

Be My Midnight Kiss

When a woman with no faith in love meets the quintessential nice guy determined to breach her mile-high walls, unwanted sparks fly. This New Year’s Eve, will these two stubborn hearts take the risk?

Cooking Kissing and Cowboys

What is home, and how do you know when you’ve found it? A snarky sprite and a celebrity jock get glimpses beneath the other’s veneer, and what they find surprises them


Have you read THE PROTECTORS yet?

I don’t think I shared these great reviews with you.

Waiting for You – Kathryn Shay

Wonderful! Kathryn Shay is a great author and this series is just as wonderful as her other books. Keep them coming, and I’ll keep reading.”

Falling for the Bodyguard – Jean Oram

“I love all the Summer Sisters books. They contain great characters, a good plot, love and humor. This one might be my favorite!”

Luc’s Unwilling Wife – Day Leclaire

“Tea is the type of leading lady I like. She doesn’t need a man to spell things out for her. She can think for herself. She’s brave and daring.”

Firefly in the Night – Ginger Chambers

“I really enjoyed this book. Mystery and love. Would recommend. Great story of a dad trying to protect his daughter. She falls in love with the person hired to protect her.”

Texas Protector – Jean Brashear

“A great story. I read it without stopping. I became invested in Alex and Jade’s outcome even thought I knew it would end well!! Thanks. I really enjoy characters you can’t forget.”

Prince Charming Undercover – Debra Salonen

“AAARRRGGGHHH!! It’s 3:30 am and I couldn’t put this book down until I was finished—in spite of having an 8 am commitment. This book is wonderful—I had my doubts that the premise could hold up, but it sure did. Salonen has done it again!”

A Man of Honor – Linda Barrett

“What a fantastic book. It happened again—no work done. Once I started to read, that was it. I couldn’t put the book down. Oh, my, such a wonderful blend of varying emotions as the story unfolds.”

Tangled Hearts – Barbara McMahon

“Love, love, love it! I thought the first book in this series was good…but this one was better! I cried, laughed and growled in frustration with the heroine as she deals with the Alpha men in her life! But by the end of the book, the hero had swept me completely off my feet.”

Her Baby, His Heart – Karen Sandler

“Touching. Deputy Gabe is a hero indeed! I like that he was so helpful even though he had his own struggles. The attraction of the two main characters was real and the way it was portrayed in the story was so touching.”

Her Knight, Her Protector – Lisa Mondello

“Read this book in one day. It was so good, I had a hard time putting it down. Learned so much about rodeos, rodeo life and dangerous adventures they face. So enjoyed your story, Lisa Mondello. You are a gifted writer.” 

The tougher they are, the harder they fall...in love. 10-book box set 99¢ or Free in Kindle Unlimited

Happy reading, my friends!


Next Newsletters:
11/10 – birthday pics and more great deals/steals/books
11/17 – Thanksgiving wishes and recipes and more book news
11/29 – Shhh…it’s a Secret, Baby.😉

Debra Salonen's Book List

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The Rancher's and the Widow's First Christmas
Falling for the Stranger
Her Second-Chance Homecoming
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Montana Blueprint for Love
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Montana Cowgirl
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Prince Charming Undercover
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Black Hills Baby
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Black Hills Bad Boy
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Her Forever Cowboy
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Love, After All
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Forever and Ever, by George

Her Hero to Love
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FREE in Kindle Unlimited
The Rancher's and the Widow's First Christmas
Her Christmas Angel
Caleb's Christmas Wish
Black Hills Secret Santa
Christmas for the Win
Judy Does Christmas
Bonus Box Set Gift: A Hundred Years or More



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