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Greetings Brothers,

We hope all of you and your families are sheltered-in-place comfortably in these troubled times. And we extend our condolences to those of you who may have experienced a loss of a loved one, neighbor, friend or co-worker due to Covid-19.

As there's alot going on, your DTN Alumni Committee thought the time was right to provide an update with the recent developments. 

Arising from an abundance of caution due to Covid-19 concerns UD's 2020 Reunion Weekend  was cancelled by President Spina. As a result, the DTN Alumni Committee had a conference call today to discuss our options. 

1) DTN Reunion 2020 is cancelled. If you made reservations at the Marriott, an automatic cancellation notice was sent to you last Friday. Please check your email. If not, let Joe know and he will get with our contact at the Marriott. We DO plan to schedule the next reunion for June 2021. The dates are TBD, but pencil in June 10-13. 

2) If UD schedules a reunion later this year, we will conference call again to see if this is an option for us. 

3) Golf Outings:

a. The Presidents Cup Invitational in Hilton Head – This will be scheduled every other year and on the off year of the reunion. The next Presidents Cup will be scheduled for the end of September or early October 2020 (if the  Covid-19 issue is contained). Richie Miskewicz will be handling this event and dates will be announced soon.

b. Bonita Springs, Florida – The golf outing will be scheduled 7-8 months after the next reunion. The event is planned in mid-January or early February 2022. Charlie Mazza, Don Zimmer and Jim Murphy will be looking at potential dates for us.

4) The Scholarship Fund is doing well. Currently the plan has donations over $141,000 with a book value of $155,000 (estimated). We have given out 9 scholarships to 6 recipients over the past 6 years. Keep in mind, that we need all of the donations we can get to keep this going. LIGHT THE WAY FORWARD. FOR DONATIONS TO THE DTN FUND, CLICK HERE
5) UNITY-BROTHERHOOD and PRIDE - The Help-A-Delt Program will be revived and expanded to better address the needs of DTN Brothers. If you know of a Brother in need of comfort or support from his fellow Brothers,, please contact John Geraghty.

We wanted to close with some good news  giving us all a reason to be very proud of UD -- Software developed by a UD Research Institute scientist will be put to use soon to quickly diagnose COVID-19. 

As both Flyers AND DELTS, we know that we will get through this ....
and we will be getting together soon to have a beer. So, follow the rules: wash your hands, wear your mask AND if applicable, Petti Pants, keep your distance between each other and stay safe. 

Joe, Danny and the DTN Alumni Association 


811 Valley View Circle, Brentwood
37027 United States


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