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Can You Keep a Secret?

This has been a rough year for a lot of people. So many difficulties and obstacles have arisen. So many battles are being fought and there is so much hurt in the world. In my house we are struggling with these things but also with ramifications of our past and the emotional turmoil that came with the writing of my autobiography.

So much of the story had either been buried under years of denial and guilt or was discovered from matching up stories of the things I was experiencing with the things my wife was going through at the same time. I ripped myself open with the telling of my story and so I have been struggling ever since I finished it in March. 

So, I don’t know if it is the pain of the world or my personal demons that have spurred me on, but something has set me on fire this year.

It started in February when I released Crisis of Fate. I was supposed to put that book out on my regularly scheduled release date of April 15th but it was a short book and I decided I didn’t want my readers to have to wait. So I pushed everything forward. At that point Covid had not broken loose yet on the broad stage but I was going through my own tribulations, so as a way of dealing with my own pain, I released early. I dropped another book on the normal release day and I had managed to get another few hundred pages of material to readers.

In May, I needed to feel as if I was connecting with my readers. I needed to feel my place in the world alive and vital, so I put out a new short story only available here called The Silent War of the Sour Eye. With these two stories I began to show you a new tale unwinding that I will add to for the rest of my career.

Well, now I find myself in June. I see more pain for the world, I am still being devoured by my demons, and so I come to do what I always do when I am confused, angry, and in pain. I come to tell a story.

I have decided to release a new short story collection called Legends of Eastgate. Part of it you may know. It contains The Savage which has, in the last year and two months, only been available here. But this collection has three other stories as well. When Legends of Eastgate is released, a large part of Legends of the Exiles will be understood. Favorite characters will come back and we will meet others we never knew.

My work follows a very simple concept. If you read a book or story I have written and you have questions, keep reading. I eventually get around to telling it all. Well this piece is no different. When you read this new release you will understand Crown, the third book in The Manhunters series, better. You will understand Hemlock a little better as well. Questions you have been asking yourself will become a little clearer or be answered. And inevitably, new questions will pop up.

It's been a hard year. I am in pain as well as many of you. When I hurt, I tell stories. I am throwing out a surprise release on June 15th. No one knows but you guys. But then again, there are so many things only my newsletter subscribers know that it is to be expected now.

Short Stories

I took a break from my blog for the last six months, as I have been emotionally overwhelmed, but I am coming home. I have a few more stories I want to tell and maybe a few more writers I want to interview. So look for me again every Friday starting this week. I am excited to be back in the blog saddle. We will see where this ride takes us.

The Silent War of the Sour Eye

Download this new free ebook available exclusively through my newsletter. The collection currently includes two short stories, "The Banshee" and "The Slave."

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