GLN Conference Report #5 – New Desktop App launched

GLN Conference Report #5 – New Desktop App launched

October 15, 2017 – Bangkok, Thailand:

At the 15th Annual GLN Conference, GLN unveiled its new Desktop App.

With the introduction of Windows 8 and it’s tile format, Desktop Apps first started making a big  entrance which has continued to grow.  Industry experts believe that websites will shortly be replaced with Desktop Apps due to their ability to span the entire spectrum of Office and Home PCs, tablets and mobile phones.

GLN has therefore taken the initiative to develop a Desktop App that can be downloaded at

This App is available for both Windows and Mac/Apple systems and can be accessed using any of the email addresses on your GLN Members Profile as the UserID and your Access Code as the password. Please use if you need to retrieve your Access Code.

The Dashboard contains Industry News, recent eNewsletters, upcoming Holidays and several additional facilities that we will keep adding to.

Sending a message and/or chatting is simple!

This App fits nicely on your Task Bar and alerts you when new messages are received.  It allows you to see the on-line status of other GLN members.

Member’s corporate and personal emails, mobile numbers and Skype accounts are hyperlinked for quick contact as well as having SMS Texting facilities.

Members can “Submit News” online, update their Profiles and other information and even grant access to other employees within their own organization.

The design and layout of this Desktop App is being used as the basis of the front-end of the soon-to-be announced updated GLN Mobile App for both Android and IoS.

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