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Women Empowered Global (WEG) is an organization that works with award-winning experts from around the world to design knowledge tools as part of a localized strategy to help women in business or corporate professions achieve leadership goals more effectively and efficiently. We offer coaching, mentoring and leadership accelerator programs to enhance the skill set and mindset to unlock hidden potential and achieve greater leadership success in a woman's career and business. To date, we have presence in 17 countries USA, UK, Netherlands, Slovenia, Switzerland, Australia, Philippines, China, Pakistan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Kenya, India and Sri Lanka and work with over 30 award-winning global partners to empower women for leadership and higher performance.


A message from our CEO

Hello Ladies,

The December magazine concludes 2018 for us and i am very excited to plan with you your development goals for 2019! God, passion and purpose is what drives me and the vision forward, and i urge each of you to discover what drives you too and be proactive in how you plan and enter your life in 2019. 

In this December edition, I am excited to announce that we have expanded our global reach to South America with Natalia Ponce de Leone joining our Global Partner Network. Natalia, from acid attack victim to activist, gave a powerful inspiring presentation at our event on the theme "The Power of Women making a Difference", to an audience of women eager to meet her, among whom were community and industry leaders, female entrepreneurs and women in corporate. 

WATCH the BBC interview of Natalia Ponce de Leon now.


On HeartTalk this month we interviewed Edith Nordmann from Netherlands. Edith Nordmann is an experienced corporate and commercial litigator, has an expert qualification in employment law and is an international ADR certified mediator. She is specialized in cross boarder business transactions taking into consideration not only the different legal systems but also being acquainted with the various cultural differences that can make or break a deal. She was awarded "Women of the Decade in Law & Social change" by the Women Economic Forum. She is the  Vice Chairman Supervisory Board at Woningstichting Rochdale and Chairman of The Netherlands India Chamber of Commerce & Trade


Everything we do at Women Empowered Global is to inspire, empower & transform, and help you become your best version to live your dream. Never stop believing in yourself. Never stop investing in yourself!


Senela Jayasuriya

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Natalia Ponce de Leon received the International Women of Courage award 

Natalia Ponce de Leon (Colombia), a Women Empowered Global partner

Natalia Ponce de León is an acid attack survivor who became an activist who successfully campaigned for a law targeting perpetrators of acid attacks in her country. Natalia’s bravery is well-documented. She credits the attack with having made her stronger – reinforcing the power of the mind, the importance of love and the incredible resilience of the human body. Through her work at Fundación Natalia Ponce de León, she strives to defend, promote and protect the human rights of victims of attacks with chemical agents.


December 2018 updates

Power of Women Making a Difference

Women Empowered Global presented Natalia Ponce de Leon in Colombo, Sri Lanka for an inspiring evening where Natalia shared her powerful story of transformation from acid attack victim to a strong advocate and activist, sharing with us her journey and the inspiring work she is doing today through Fundación Natalia Ponce de León.

Making Inroads: Advancing Women in the Workforce

Our CEO Senela Jayasuriya was invited for the Panel Discussion organised by the World University Service of Canada (WUSC) on the theme “Making Inroads: Advancing Women in the Workforce” which was held at the Lakshmam Kadiragamar Institute. Other panelists included Lena Zezulin, Rehanan Thowfeek and S.T. Seelan. The panel was moderated by Emily Wiseman, Gender Equality and Empowerment Advisor, WUSC.

Empowering corporate teams

Our CEO Senela conducted an interactive and empowering public seminar workshop-style, which included team games, role-plays, assessments and other practical demonstrations for individuals from the corporate sector, organised by McQuire.

Coming soon


The WEG HeartTalk® platform was designed by us to showcase the heart of leaders around the world; leaders who are passionate about what they do and are committed to seeing change and advancement. It is all about understanding the glass-ceiling, identifying the cracks and using those cracks as leverage to break through it, as a business owner, team leader or employee.

This month's 'HeartTalk' feature: Edith Nordmann

Edith Nordmann was born in Switzerland.She moved to Amsterdam The Netherlands at the age of 20 when getting married. After her three children were born she went to Law school in Amsterdam. Being a mother of 3 young children and studying law at the same time worked out very well. Within 3 years she obtained her Bachelor’s and her Master’s degree whereas she would fully take care of the children herself together with her husband.

Read on for her interview with us ..

1.What is your definition of women empowerment?To encourage women and girls to develop themselves to the fullest of their potential

2.What motivated you to get involved in being inspirational for change?

I felt extremely privileged to be able to get a good education and work as a lawyer where I could use my professional knowledge to help others. This gave me a strong urge to pay it forward by using my professional knowledge and experience and invest my time and expertise to help others.

3.What are some key characteristics of an empowered person?

They feel the urge to live to the fullest of their potential
They are extremely grateful
They truly want to help others to grow
They want to pay this empowered feeling forward to others


Click  HERE to read Edith's full interview with us.


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Be empowered and inspired as a leader with our global partner Sonja Klopčič

Sonja is our global partner in Slovenia. She brings to you - 'Ideas for Leaders', Inspirational, practical and very useful tips for you to improve yourself as a leader and inspire others. She is the author of the book "The Energy inside leadership".


Sonja is a developer of new era leadership, and describes real business stories with a personal touch. Follow this column in our monthly digest for leadership tips to help you be instrumental and more impactful in your walk in leadership.

Leadership Tip #11: Be Happy. Simple.


Featured leaders from the book The Energy Inside Leadership, Stories of Collaboration and Change from the Heart of Europe have gathered in an open dialogue, round-table discussion on Leadership of  the new era. The talk was concluded with the proposal to replace success with a different goal. Let our goal be to be happy. I think this is a wonderful vision for everyone. Being happy means in the first place to be the leader of yourself. And the best thing is, if your work instills happiness in others.

My feeling of happiness was invigorated by the words of my interlocutors who shared how I influence them. Tomaž Lanišek pointed out provocation, that I dare to write a book about the stories of leaders.  Ajša Vodnik appreciates that you can sense the story as very sincere even when everything does not follow an upward trajectory. Dejan Turk was happy that the book is in English, so that it can be read even by those outside of Slovenia.

Andrej Božič sees great courage in me: To have a company, like Oria Computers, which was in the then Slovenian territory a trailblazer, unique and so much more, and then to go into a story of restoration of Svea. You must follow your heart, because the mind in this situation says that this will be difficult. And to then write a book about it so that we can draw from this lesson, begin to think and change things. This is a big lesson for all of us who read it. Also very emotional. She showed a human's and woman's side. This could only be written by a woman. She knows how to create a synthesis of all the right things.

Ksenija Božič said that I was her idol since 1998. Idol in the meaning that a woman can succeed  in a woman's way, with the woman energy. She values me because of the structure I have established for myself, which is also one of the reasons the book was published so fast.

When I get scared, I think of Sonja. If she did it, I can too. When I want to connect people, when I want to get them in a flow towards a common idea or goal, I again think of Sonja, how she can connect us, how she knows how to get various characters together, give us focus and we just follow her. She really is an idol to me.

Because of all these words I am simply happy.

To whom are you an idol with your work? Who do you influence or invigorate them to feel happy?

Be happy.

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