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I've teamed up with some of my favorite authors to offer 45 different escapes! That's how many audiobooks we're giving away in this paranormal romance audio event. All the prizes (and some special ebook deals) can be found at this link. You could be a winner!

Love alpha heroes? Dreamy dragons? Burly bears? How about sexy wolves, feisty foxes, lions, tigers, panthers, vampires, witches, mages, mountain lions, reindeer shifters, demigods, faes, necromancers, secret agents, billionaires, detectives/PIs, gargoyles, kick-ass heroines, and much more! Get a taste of magic, some mystery and suspense, indulge in forbidden love, menage, reverse harems, or edge-of-your-seat action. All guarantee smoking hot heroes you'll love!

New to audio? This event is the perfect way for you to give it a try! You can listen to your audiobook while you drive, cook, or while taking a walk. Many audiobooks are Whispersynced, which means you can switch between listening and reading without losing your place. Enter to win your free audiobook today!

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Werewolves & Whiskers: Sawtooth Peaks Wolf Shifter Romance Box Set

Second chances at love. Deadly enemies.

Two wolf shifter brothers, heirs to be alpha of their pack, strive to find peace after destruction and love after loss. This small town paranormal romance box set contains all five books in the Werewolves of Sawtooth Peaks series.

Running to the Pack
Defending the Pack
Uniting the Pack
Howling with the Pack
Leaving the Pack


Masking the Fae King: Bramble's Edge Academy Year 2 (Reverse Harem Romance)

I recently discovered I am the previously believed dead Fae King. But it isn’t all coronations and revolution like I’d hoped.

Bramble’s Edge Academy was established to train Fae how to control and wield their elemental power. And, I have only completed one of three years. I don’t have the power I need.

I have more power than I bargained for and no idea how to utilize it. Let alone eliminate the ones responsible for my parent’s death before they get to me, too.

Word gets out that the king is back, and my friends scramble to mask my identity. Those responsible for the destruction of Fae society turn up the heat on me leaving those that I love in the crossfire. Maurelle and Brokk end up getting burned.

Whether I like it or not, I must take huge risks if I am going to save those closest to me and have a shot at freeing the rest of the realm. The clock is ticking, and time has almost run out.


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