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Happy Holidays!

I know that not everybody celebrates Christmas, but if you do - or if you're off work with your loved ones - I just wanted to wish you happy holidays and send my best wishes for a happy and prosperous 2020.

What I'm watching ...

I've always enjoyed watching The Purge films - it's a fabulous sci-fi concept and one I wish I'd thought of. The Amazon Prime series takes the story in a completely different direction and works really well. For a franchise that could be forgiven for running out of steam, the episodic structure works extremely well. Highly recommended if you're a sci-fi fan.

What I'm reading ...

One of the fun parts of being a writer is feeding my mind with new ideas. To do that I tend to watch sci-fi on TV and at the cinema and I read psychological thrillers. At the moment I'm reading The Perfect Girlfriend by Karen Hamilton. I find that reading books like this helps spark ideas in my own head - it's great fun too!

Friends Who Lie: On Location

At the time of writing this email, I'm paying my annual visit to Spain to get away from the grey skies and incessant cold of the UK. I'm in Benidorm at present, the wonderful location for my thriller Friends Who Lie. I wrote the book over a year ago, yet everywhere I go, I keep coming across locations that I used in the book. Here are a few photographs from my travels ...

Phew, what a year!

I've written and published EIGHT new books in 2019. That's made up of 3 x sci-fi stories, 1 x trilogy, and 2 x standalone thrillers.

I've just sketched out my plans for 2020 and I was intending to take it a bit easier next time around.

However, at present, I reckon I may be writing and publishing up to NINE books next year.

If I stick to my plans that will be 3 x non-fiction books, 1 x thriller trilogy, and 1 x sci-fi trilogy. 

I'll let you know how it all plays out in my email updates throughout 2020 :-)

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