Happily Ever Box Set Books 4-6 is now available!

Today I am excited to share the news that the last three books (4-6) in the Happily Ever After series are now available as a box set!

He’s a Duke But I Love Him, Loved by the Viscount, and Because the Earl Loved Me are all stories of unconventional women who learn to follow both their hearts and their passions, and of the lords who love them.

Each book typically costs $3.99 ($11.97 for all three), but currently, all three are available for $3.99 -- for one week only! That means all three books for the price of one (so sorry for the sales pitch speak). After that, they will go up to $6.99, which is still 40% off if you were to buy all three separately.

Each book is a stand-alone novel, but if you’d like to catch up on the first three, they are also available as a box set. Find them below!

If you have already read the stories, I would so appreciate a review! You can do so through the Amazon link, as well as the Goodreads and Bookbub links listed in red.

Thank you so much for your continued support!

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Catch up with the Happily Ever After Books 1-3 Box Set!
Buy the newly released Happily Ever After Books 4-6 Box Set!
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Weekly Reads

There Are Plenty More Dukes in the Sea

By Samantha Holt

The Templeton siblings have inherited a fortune. But there's a catch... "I, George Lockett, do decree that my grandchildren, herein named, will inherit my fortune in its entirety, so long as they fulfill the following terms. Each person must complete their task to my lawyer's satisfaction or their share of the inheritance shall be forfeit." To fulfill the terms of her Grandfather's will, Angel must perform unpaid duties as a lady’s companion for a whole two months...and unfortunately the brooding Mr. Hunter is part of the deal.

Misadventures with the Duke

By Stacy Reid


The Duke of Carlyle has a reputation of 'respectability' but he possesses a dark, lustful heart -- revealed in the tongue-in-cheek articles written about him by a notorious gossip columnist. Determined to unmask this meddler, he finds his heart shockingly captivated by Miss Pippa Cavanaugh. While attempting to avenge her friend's broken heart, the last thing Pippa expects is for the dratted man to turn the tables on her. Is he her path to ruin or her promise of a happy ending?

To Tame a Savage Heart

By Emma V Leech


Crecy’ Holbrook is not like the other smiling debutantes; she despises poetry, thinks dancing a chore and is quite prepared to throw something at the next fool to compare her to Aphrodite. Her heart longs for one man alone, one so dreadfully damaged that even her tender care might not be enough to save him. With a reputation that covers blackmail, murder, and madness, Viscount Demorte is everything she dreams of.

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