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I've been experimenting with offering different books for free to grow my email list. It drives me crazy when companies give new customers freebies but not the loyal customers they've had forever, so I wanted to make sure you had a chance to read all these books for free too! Here's a list with all the links:

Reader Rewards

This is the last month to read Maggie's Mark and Saving My Spring Fling for free! I will be changing the free book selection next month. 

The following books are currently accessible through StoryOrigin:

Murder Audit 


Snagging My Summer Love (Review Copy)


Stringer (Review Copy)


For some of the above links, you may need to confirm your email address. 

Exclusive Sneak Peek

I've been working on Life on the Road, a drama about John Johnson (from Warming My Winter Heart) and his alcoholic father. There is a little mystery and romance thrown in there too.

Enjoy this sneak peek not available anywhere else...

Walking towards her, I say, “I’m sorry” for what seems like the millionth time since I’ve known her. Seems like all my life she’s always been there for me and all I’ve ever done is say sorry. I can’t for the life of me figure out why she’s stuck around. Lord knows all I’ve done is cause her pain.

She holds up her hand like a stop sign. “Don’t even—” Her voice catches in her throat and she shakes her head again, this time her eyes aren’t on me, they’re focused on her feet.

Her hand flies to her face, and I rush past the real estate sign, its fluorescent “SOLD” sign a blur in my periphery as I land in front of Val and throw my arms around her. The sobs come on like a raging river tumbling down the hillside in a flood of a waterfall. We both let the tears flow—mine drip down my face and onto the grass at the edge of the street, hers soak into my chest. I never thought the day would come when I would leave my best friend, the woman I loved when she was just a girl and I was just a boy.

Have you ever struggled to find the next book to read? I always have lists going, so I usually just choose one from one of my lists. But if you don't have an ongoing list, it can be hard to choose what to read next. Check out these ideas for choosing your next book that I wrote about on my blog. 

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7 Ways to Choose the Perfect Book to Read Next
Happy Reading
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