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Those words had an impact on me.

Isn't it funny how the most random words trigger us? Here I am, every night moisturizing every part of my body, and every time I start the ritual, I think about how I need to be extra kind to my neck because Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia) said it's the first one to go with age.

Never mind that my mom has been on my case since forever to take care of my skin. Yet, for some reason, when Carrie said that, it stuck with me. I tried looking for the interview and after spending an hour on Youtube, I gave up. 

I have plenty of other examples of random wacky things that float in my head due to some off-comment someone made. Of course, none come to mind now, how inconvenient.

So, here I was, staring at my neck the other night, thinking of her words, when I realized how interesting it is that she's had that impact on me. Which made me think:

Is someone walking around with MY words in THEIR head?


Because here's the deal, you will NEVER know the impact you have on someone else. You might blurt out the silliest thing ever, and feel embarrassed about it, but it will have a lasting impact on someone else.

And that's a good thing! You want to make an impact on people. And as much as possible. So don't shy away from simply being yourself and saying what's on your mind

Think about this the next time you feel socially anxious. The next time you're holding back from saying something because you're scared of how it will be received. You might actually change someone's life, behavior, thoughts, actions, etc. 

You owe it not just to yourself, but to those around you, to freely speak your mind.

I'd LOVE to hear what things have stuck with you. Maybe from your friends, family, pop culture, etc. 

Reply and let me know!

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honestroxHere's a quick way to boost your confidence if you're running low on it these days. I know I am. Between waddling like a penguin, not being sure when I'll be back at work, and mommy brain literally taking over to the point of not knowing how to put two sentences together, I'm struggling with my confidence. But I made an effort the other day to put on something that made me feel good. This green dress. I also ended up putting some makeup which has been non-existent for the past 2-3 months. Ta-da!πŸ¦Έβ€β™€οΈ I felt a little bit better about myself. By making a bit of effort, I got an instant confidence boost. Play around with things that brighten your mood even if you have nowhere to go. Because ultimately it all starts with how we see ourselves. Might be silly but give it a try! An at home photoshoot is also a fun thing to do these days 😁
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