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Hi friend!

💌 I know you’re getting emails from everyone and their dog about Covid-19. I’ve been a little hesitant to reach out with specific suggestions as there is so much unknown right now. However, I’ve been in virtual attendance of some very good discussions and webinars with my fellow holistic practitioners and here are a few tips I can safely pass on:

⚠️Don’t supplement with extra Vitamin A & D. 

We all need sufficient levels of these important fat-soluble vitamins, just don’t superdose them right now. Normally, increasing these is helpful, but they have some influence on the receptor sites correlated to the virus which would not be ideal to increase at this time.

✔️Do keep on with your zinc, fish oil and probiotic. These can be helpful in protecting the body.

Do use your essential oils like Thieves and On Guard. If you’ll lightly dot those at the base of your nostrils, it can help protect that entryway to the body.

🍊As far as Vitamin C goes - I’ve encountered conflicting information. Usually this is a good one to superdose in times of illness, but, to be on the safer side, I wouldn’t do that right now.

🎙 Most importantly, continue to eat well (and eat lots of garlic - that’s a good one right now too). Do the best you can under the circumstances to stick to foods that keep your immune system strong (real food) and not tear it down (sugar and processed foods). You’ll see in this week’s SOTC that supplementation is most effective when our foundation is already solid. 🧱

🎙 In the podcast this week- HORMONES! I have completed my advanced hormone training. I don’t think I’ve ever used my brain harder in my life. There are so many intricacies. Anyone who doesn’t think God is into details has never studied hormones. I can’t wait to share what I’ve learned with you and it all starts this week. Are you in the optimal hormone range for your stage of life? You most definitely want to be. Listen to this week’s podcast here.

☕️Sermon on the Couch: The Needs of Your Body ✝️

Alright sweet friend, praying for you and all of us as we navigate this uncharted territory. Stay in peace with the knowledge that He is always in control and we are in His loving hands. 🙏💗

Health and Blessings!

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